Fans Are Raving About CoD: Mobile’s Latest Skins

Fans Are Raving About CoD: Mobile’s Latest Skins

Written by 

Jack Marsh


2nd Feb 2023 16:56

Since Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 came out, we've all become slightly bored of the same old grey guns. The community doesn't quite want the balderdash that was dished out during the Vanguard era, but there's still plenty of room to move away from dull and boring weapon skins.

The current console store bundles are only really heightened in colour by the CDL skins, and while the beige camouflage of the ghillie suits are playing right into the hands of players, it is getting a bit tedious on the eyes.

Now, the community has been blown away by the latest CoD: Mobile mythical weapon inspection, meaning they're hungry for a slice of that colour pie.

Fans Love The New Call of Duty: Mobile Mythical Weapon Inspections 

Call of Duty content creator "Dysmo" has now shown off one of the mythical weapons in CoD: Mobile, and after looting it from a dead body, he was shocked to see how awesome the inspection was.

Heading to the back of Nuketown to inspect the gun, it warmed into a rocket and blasted off through the aether in a supernova of gold and violet.

Despite playing on a PC emulator and enhancing the video quality slightly, the animation was enough to stun the content creator, who was audibly "mind blown". 

Warzone fans want CoD: Mobile skins 

Players from the Warzone and MW2 communities want to get these skins available in console games too, especially after becoming too accustomed to the "mil-sim" antics.

"WOW that sceptre to gun transition is clean," said one fan on Twitter. "I love how a free mobile game is getting more attention and detail than $70 PC/console games," added another fan.

The only drawback is that the mythic weapons cost a small fortune, and collecting the entire portfolio will set you back a few thousand dollars. So, pick your poison, mythical weapons and a hole in your wallet or mil-sim and some cash to touch grass...

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