DMZ Players Are Using ‘Pay-To-Win’ Ghillie Suit To Ambush Squads

DMZ Players Are Using ‘Pay-To-Win’ Ghillie Suit To Ambush Squads
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


30th Jan 2023 17:30

Just like Captain Price and Gaz, Call of Duty players are pulling out a "pay-to-win" ghillie suit and getting down into the grass in the DMZ game mode.

We've already seen Warzone 2 players harnessing the skills of the iconic Modern Warfare characters, with some fans going as far as role-playing Soap and Ghost to infiltrate Strongholds and wipe out AI enemy groups.

But now players are going even further by getting All Ghillied Up and slithering under the radar of actual players, just like the 2007 CoD: 4 mission.

DMZ Players Are Getting All Ghillied Up To Win

Ghillie suits arrived in Warzone 2 and DMZ through obtaining codes in the paid Jack Links promotion, purchasing the Ghillie Monster bundle, completing the now-finished Atomgrad raid, or buying the VII Sloth Bundle (as the player in the below clip did).

This has now been deemed as a pay-to-win skin. In the video, the severity of the Ghillie Suits' invisibility has been highlighted, as one player used the camouflage to ambush a trio on DMZ and exfiltrate with a wealth of rewards.

Savvy DMZ player "ON1C" was seen to be lying down in plain sight with a Ghillie Suit equipped, all while more squads pulled up on the exfiltration site.

The player went completely unnoticed as one squad eliminated the other, before he hopped in the turret of their vehicle and shot down the entire squad with ease.

DMZ Fans Applaud Player After Sneaky Ghillie Suit Ambush

As the players' clip began to go viral on TikTok, many DMZ fans applauded their creativity. 

"It's not OP if it works," said one player. Another added, "Absolutely brilliant", while others pointed out that the skin must be invisible for them to have completely missed the player.

It's certainly a great way to get to an exfil site whilst playing DMZ solo, as players will be all too familiar with the struggles of collecting their rewards on their lonesome.

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