Fallout TV Series Photos Leak Game-Accurate Storyline

Fallout TV Series Photos Leak Game-Accurate Storyline

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Tom Chapman


26th Jul 2022 09:03

After years of will they/won't they from Bethesda, a live-action Fallout is finally on the way. Amazon is unlocking the vaults of the Wasteland for a Fallout TV series, as the streaming giant hopes to add this apocalyptic adventure alongside the upcoming The Rings of Power series and rumours of a Mass Effect outing.

Since Black Isle Studios first released Fallout in 1997, we've seen the franchise evolve from a tiny acorn to a veritable oak tree of the gaming world. Now under the stewardship of Bethesda and recently being enveloped by the Microsoft umbrella, there's presumably a bright future ahead with Fallout 5 (whenever it lands) and an ever-expanding world.

What Do The Fallout Set Photos Reveal?

Only recently, the first batch of Fallout series set photos showed off the familiar locale of the Super Duper Mart you first visit when leaving Vault 101 in Fallout 3. Now, fresh leaks show off more locations that honour the legacy of the RPG giant. Some seem surprised that Amazon is putting in so much effort, but come on, it's the company that gave us The Boys

Twitter account @FilmsFallout has revealed shots of 1950s cars buried in sand. Given that '50s Americana is a major influence on the games, it shows Amazon is at least going for the look of the games. Elsewhere, we see an internal studio that's been decked out to look like a Fallout vault.

Over on Twitter, fans are speculating about which vault this is, with many noting its appearance could be Vault 13. For those who don't know, Vault 13 was the first vault from the games where you originally start out as a vault dweller. Others noted that the style of vault here is more reminiscent of the designs in Fallout 4


Who Stars In The Fallout TV Series?

Things are ticking along nicely when it comes to casting Fallout. The games have never really been known for their well-rounded protagonists, but this blank slate is what has brought a lot of us to the games. Instead, it's the now-iconic NPCs like Mr. House, Dogmeat, and Harold that have helped flesh out this war-ravaged world. So far, Fallout has cast Ant-Man and the Wasp's Walton GogginsYellowjackets' Ella Purnell, and Twin Peaks' Kyle MacLachlan.

Behind the camera, there's an all-star team of talent, with Westworld developers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy helping craft the series. Filming has only just got underway on July 5, with it expected to flip between New Jersey, New York, and Utah. With this in mind, we're left locked up in our own vault of rumours about exactly Fallout will land on Amazon. Still, with a new wave of video game adaptation bringing the likes of Halo to Paramount, let's hope Amazon's offering can live up to the legacy of Fallout.

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