Exoprimal, the dino shooter that definitely isn't Dino Crisis, has a release date

Exoprimal, the dino shooter that definitely isn't Dino Crisis, has a release date
Images: Capcom

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Joseph Kime


10th Mar 2023 09:31

Cast your mind back to March 2022, when the gaming world waited with bated breath to see what PlayStation would offer the world in its State of Play showcase. These showcases are always exciting no matter the reveals, so players were well in on the idea - but it wasn't very exciting. At all.

It was considered a pretty weak showcase overall, exemplified by the fact that the most exciting game announced was an incredibly strange one that nobody had heard of - Exoprimal, a game that saw a team of Spartan-looking soldiers gun down dinosaurs as they bolted out of portals. Fascinating by itself, the most interesting thing about the game is that it has no affiliation to Dino Crisis, the only Capcom game that has ever had the nerve to make a game about shooting dinosaurs before. The game looked exciting, but viewers were utterly baffled.

And luckily for us, we now know when we can actually get our hands on the game.

Exoprimal finally has a release date

Thanks to last night's Capcom Spotlight presentation, we've got a good amount of good news. Not only do we have a Resident Evil 4 demo, but we've also got some news about the peppered titles under the Capcom banner - and that includes the fascinating dino shooter Exoprimal.

It has been revealed, along with a brand new trailer, that the game will be launching on July 14. That's not far off at all, and thankfully for dedicated fans of riddling Velociraptors with bullets, you can also pre-order the game today too.

That could easily have been the very best part of the new trailer, but as it went on to reveal more about the game's story, it simply couldn't be. Because Exoprimal looks positively bats**t.

Exoprimal's story is completely insane

Well, we're glad to see that Exoprimal embraces its own absurdity.

The new trailer reveals that the story follows a soldier who has been sent back in time in hopes of stopping the arrival of the dinosaurs, and is living the same day over on repeat.

There is also a crew of soldiers on a lone spaceship seeking out one Haruka Lorenzo on some kind of island. Except she's stuck in the past. Oh, and there are also parallel universe versions of our lead characters.

The game looks completely mad, and frankly, that's all we can hope of a new game in which you get into mech suits and blast the living hell out of a T-Rex. 

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