Sharkmob reveals Exoborne, a superpowered new extraction shooter at The Game Awards

Sharkmob reveals Exoborne, a superpowered new extraction shooter at The Game Awards
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Lloyd Coombes


8th Dec 2023 03:15

As part of The Game Awards 2023, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt developer Sharkmob has revealed its new title, Exoborne.

A "tactical open world extraction shooter," Exoborne takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States where huge weather events have changed the landscape. Players use exosuits to move through dangerous environments to fight opponents, secure the best loot and escape.

What is Exoborne?

Exoborne trailer art showing an open world
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Sharkmob was founded by key members of The Division franchise, and given the focus on the Dark Zone and extracting loot in the Ubisoft franchise, it's perhaps a smart move for the developer to move back into that space following Bloodhunt.

While Bloodhunt had its issues, its movement was leaps and bounds (pun intended) ahead of many similar battle royale titles, and Exoborne shows similar promise. In a pre-Game Awards preview session, I saw players leaping over huge fences and ziplining across gaps.

Players are known as Reborn, a group of survivors able to use exosuits to move through weather events like tornadoes.

"Gear up, get in, and get out in Exoborne, a tactical open-world extraction shooter set in an apocalyptic U.S. transformed by extreme forces of nature," a press release explains.

"Public events, ever-changing threats by the world itself, and risky missions let players write their own stories each time they enter the world of Exoborne – like having an epic gunfight in a tornado."

Exoborne is slated for PC and consoles, and will be a premium title (read: paid, not free-to-play) with live service support and public events planned post-launch.

Exoborne impressions

Exoborne trailer art showing a character against a cracked glass window
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While I wasn't able to go hands-on with Exoborne, its combination of exosuit movement and what looks like snappy combat has me excited, but as with any extraction shooter, much of its longevity will come down to its loot economy - something you can't really get to grips with until it launches.

Still, I'm hopeful it can offer a more accessible extraction shooter, especially after Call of Duty's DMZ mode was put on life support.

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