Following their 2-0 victory over Liquid, Cold sat down with GGRecon to discuss the atmosphere in the FaZe Camp

23:33, 01 Feb 2020

Following their 2-0 victory over Team Liquid at BLAST Premier, ColdZera sat down with GGRecon.

Cold how are you feeling? You just beat Liquid 2-0.

Feeling really good. I think all the effort we put into the bootcamps [are] paying off pretty really well. So, it’s nice to qualify in the first group. Especially because Liquid is a hard team and we’re showing good CS here. 

And it’s not just that Liquid is a hard team. Liquid is a very hard team in Inferno at particular and you guys thrashed them on that. Was there a lot of Anti- Stratting or was it just you guys playing your own game?

Well, it was just us playing our own game. During the bootcamp, we put in a lot of effort on Inferno, especially Inferno, and Train, because both of them are our weakest maps. Right now, we feel a little bit comfortable playing both maps. I think we have a good map pool right now.

Talk to us a little bit about Dust II as well. Over there it seemed that everyone on your team was winning every single round. You guys were just feeling it.

Yeah, we are feeling it today. We came with good energy to play today. That’s one thing we are working on as well, like during the boot camp as well, to be more positive and have more enthusiasm playing together and have a lot of fun during the game as well. That’s how it made us play really good here.

At this point you guys have won on four different maps so far in BLAST and we know you guys can play even more. Your map pool must be becoming a big strength. You guys are looking like serious contenders for 2020 for titles. This is the FaZe side that we haven’t seen in so long. What’s changed?

Everything changed inside the team. We changed olof for broky. So broky is more the the AWPer now. He’s playing more towards the AWP and olof more our lurker, so he tried to take more space for us and broky was kinda bit like shy to take the positions, was scared a little bit to take some positions. This change will make us like be more comfortable inside the map. And, I think you guys are gonna see a different FaZe for this year for sure. 
I mean tomorrow you guys might end up going against Liquid again. Do you guys feel just as confident about it as this one?

Of course. We are fully confident to play against any team. We put a lot of effort into bootcamp. We practised for one month, as I said in another interview. I think right now you are just focusing on yourself more than other teams but the next step is gonna be like to create some new things.

Unfortunately, you might be the only Brazilian player because MIBR unfortunately got eliminated today at the actual spring showdown so do you have any quick words for your Brazilian fans, you are representing your country yourself. I mean what a man to represent it, too!

That’s really nice to represent Brazil. It’s very sad not to see MIBR qualify it. They had a strong bootcamp as well But sometimes s**t can happen. But it’s really nice to have Brazilians cheer for me. Thanks to everyone who’s cheering for me and my team and I hope you guys enjoy the show.

Image via BLAST.

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