The Rocket League Spring Series is being broadcast live on Sky at Ginx.TV, here's what you need to know...

12:00, 09 May 2020

The Rocket League Spring Series, featuring the best players in Europe, is not only on Twitch. On May 9th - May 10th, Rocket League will be broadcast on Sky channel 433, courtesy of Ginx.TV. So here is everything you need to know, from the very basics to the esports scene and our predictions.

What Is Rocket League?

Well, for those that have never watched Rocket League before, the popular esports game is a concoction of rocket-powered cars and football. Now that may sound incredibly easy and boring, but there are some incredible mechanics involved which the professionals have spent years trying to master, and they put on a show every time they play. In a game full of flair and constant excitement, professional Rocket League players have kept us enticed for nine seasons now, and Europes best will be showing off during the European Spring Series.

For a quick taster, here's a video of the highlights from the North American Regional Championships.

What Is The Rocket League Spring Series?

The Spring Series is a 3v3 tournament which features the best teams in Rocket League esports each region competing against each other. Broadcast live in Ginx.TV, this weekend will feature the European regional teams, with a prize pool of $125,000. In a double-elimination format (you need to lose twice to be eliminated) eight teams will go head-to-head to work their way through the knockout stages to the Grand Final. The Spring Series comes shortly after the Season 9 Championships, which is Rocket Leagues main league, as an end-of-season cup. With a huge prize pool up for grabs, teams will be trying out new transfers to try and become the best team in Europe.

When Does It Start?

Coverage of the Spring Series will start at 16:30 GMT on Ginx Esports TV Channel (Sky channel 433), the official Rocket League Twitch channel and BBC Sport/iPlayer. The first game will kick-off at 17:00 GMT, after a half-hour introduction. The Games will be streamed uninterrupted which will give you the best feel for how the game is played, as well as having commentary from some of Rocket Leagues most knowledgable presenters.

Who Is Playing?

The top four teams in the Season 9 automatically qualified, meaning you will see some of the best talents that Rocket League has to offer, in addition to four more teams that had to qualify through the 'Qualifiers' tournament. The teams that will be playing are:

  • Dignitas (1st in Season 9)
  • Renault Vitality (2nd in Season 9)
  • FC Barcelona (3rd in Season 9)
  • Mousesports (4th in Season 9)
  • Canyons (Qualified)
  • The Clappers (Qualified)
  • Endpoint (Qualified)
  • Team BDS (Qualified)

Our Rocket League Spring Series Predictions

It will be hard to look past the top four teams as favourites, especially Dignitas and Renault Vitality who have been at the top of the European League for multiple seasons. Featuring former World Champions, Renault Vitality have impressive tournament form, and boast players like 'Fairy Peak' and 'Kaydop' who have been at the top of the game for over a year now. Dignitas got the better of the two in the Season 9 finals, so any match between these two will certainly boast incredible talent and will be a close tie. 

Of the underdogs, The Clappers are the lowest-seeded team in the tournament and have flown under many radars. With not many people knowing too much about these, they could cause a real upset, especially with a name like that. The Clappers have been formed for only two months, but will they have the quality in their team to rival World Champions? You'll have to find out on May 9th, with the Grand final unfolding at 20:30 GMT on May 10th.

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Image via the official Rocket League website

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