After 11 matches, the European RLCS is slowly starting to take its final form.

10:20, 11 Mar 2020

With Monday’s double-header done and dusted, a total of eleven European RLCS matches were played over the weekend. Here’s a recap of everything you missed from the two days of action.

Round 5 (Sunday):

Sunday’s games began with what will probably go down as the worst series of the season. Neither TSM nor Singularity were able to get any offensive pressure stringed together, with ‘tactical whiffs’ being deployed far too many times by both sides. Eventually, a wayward remkoe pass led to Singularity taking the series in a game five overtime, ending the series far too late.

Next up was another relegation candidate as AS Monaco fell valiantly to Veloce. Despite taking the first game, Monaco struggled to get past Veloce’s stubborn defence as they fell in four games, landing them on an 0-6 record. Endpoint had only picked up one victory this season, but you wouldn’t have known it after their efforts against Reciprocity. After taking a seven minute overtime at the beginning, they couldn’t quite keep the train rolling on as Reciprocity proved why they’re the reigning European champions and took the series in four.

After their dismal defeat to Singularity, this series looked like it was going to be TSM’s final whimper. However, after some incredible heroics from Mognus, TSM finally gave us a good show. With a performance that we haven’t seen from them since week one, they had mousesports quaking in their boots as they sent three games to overtime. However, just when it looked like they had found another OT after carrying the ball for what seemed like an eternity, remkoe fluffed his lines at the final hurdle and TSM fans were left wondering what could have been.


FC Barcelona have been proving themselves all season long, and it nearly happened again. They took a dominant Dignitas side to five games before eventually falling, but things could have been different. Barca were even able to out-score their opponents but fell anyway. Finally, the match of the day was set to be Vitality’s matchup against Reciprocity. In another overtime-filled series, Vitality barely edged out their French rivals as they took two of the three golden-goal situations.

Round 6 (Monday):

‘Super Monday’ began with another Barcelona game five, but this time the Catalonians were able to take the decider against a promising Singularity side. Despite taking a crucial win over TSM, Singularity are still very much in danger as they sit in eighth place. After showing everyone how good the could be against mousesports, TSM used their series against Endpoint to show everyone just how bad they could be. Narrowly avoiding the perfect sweep, they were completely demolished by an Endpoint side hanging onto seventh place by a thread.


Although they looked shaky against TSM, there was no shakiness from mousesports against Veloce as Scrub and co. put their feet on the gas pedal. Unfazed by Veloce’s sturdy backline, mouz put eight goals past their opponents in just three games, taking a clean sweep and putting their top-two hopes back on track. Reciprocity picked up their fourth win of the season against a once-again promising Monaco side who now have just two more chances to avoid auto-relegation. Their final-week matchup with Singularity could prove to be crucial as they look to avoid an immediate drop back to the Rival Series

The final series of the day saw Vitality once again featured in the most hyped matchup, taking down Dignitas in a thrilling reverse sweep. After Dignitas took the first two games by one goal, it was time for Fairy Peak! start popping off as the Frenchman took the game by the scruff of its neck, scoring six goals in three games as Dignitas’ offence crumbled into nothingness.

Here's the standings after week 6:

RLCS EU Standings
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