Before this week of League Play, the league was clearly divided into two, after some results, the wall has shifted.

19:00, 25 Feb 2020

Another week of the European RLCS has come and gone, with Dignitas and Vitality taking the spoils as they surged to the top of the table. Here’s everything that went down in Sunday’s matches.

Dignitas 3-1 Team Singularity

After a huge upset win against Vitality last week, Singularity were hoping to do it again with two tough fixtures this time around. In the first of the two matchups, they were bested in four games by a strong Dignitas side who are now the only EU team yet to lose a series. The former world champions brought back more of the same consistency that earnt them wins over TSM and AS Monaco, with Yukeo finding the net four times in what ended up being a relatively low-scoring series. Despite taking the third game in overtime, Singularity, for the most part, were unable to create much offence. Half of their goals came in that game-three victory and Godsmilla found himself unable to pull off similar heroics to last week as he scored a grand total of zero goals.

AS Monaco 0-3 Endpoint

My, my, my, where was this Endpoint last week? Looking much faster than last week, they were able to completely overrun a disappointing Monaco side who now have a huge uphill battle ahead of them. It was another low-scoring affair as Endpoint delivered a clean set of one-goal game wins, with Nachitow scoring one goal less than everyone else on the field combined. The British organisation’s demolition-heavy playstyle was back in full force as they took down a Monaco side who had previously beaten them twice in last season’s Rival Series, giving Virtuoso and co. a vital win as they look to secure their RLCS spot for another season.

mousesports 3-1 Team Singularity

It was another struggle of a series for Singularity, as the Danish organisation fell for the second time on the day, this time to a mousesports side who were looking to bounce back after a disheartening loss to Reciprocity last week. Although they went ahead early on in the first game, things promptly started going downhill for Singularity as they quickly found themselves 2-0 down in the series just as they had done against Dignitas. However, this time it would be noly to find a way back in for SNG, with an impossible double-touch helping to send the series to a fourth game. Alas, it was not to be as mouz were able to take the fourth game thanks to a heartbreaking defensive miss from noly. Singularity now find themselves back in the gutter with a 1-3 record, and they’ll need to pick up wins in their upcoming matches to stand any chance at a top-six finish.

Renault Vitality 3-1 TSM

It was disappointment for TSM fans once again, as they fell far short of the marker that they placed for themselves in their promising defeat to Dignitas two weeks ago. Despite showing occasional promise in the form of some lovely solo plays from Metsanauris and Remkoe, TSM were unable to cause Vitality much damage as Alpha54 took control of the series. TSM’s former third man proved his worth after a rough first two weeks, scoring six of his sides nine goals as well as getting the most saves on the other side of the field. The North American organisation have a long road ahead of them if they want to survive this season, with an 0-3 record currently placing them ahead of Monaco only on game differential.

Reciprocity 2-3 Veloce

After Singularity’s incredible upset against Vitality last week, this time around it was Veloce’s turn to get the unexpected win as they scraped past a shaky Reciprocity side who looked like shadows of their former selves. It was a back and forth affair as the series kicked off with three one-goal games to hand Veloce a 2-1 lead. After Reciprocity struck back with a 3-0 win in the fourth, Veloce started to run away with it as the French side began to look sloppy, giving away soft goals and eventually losing the final game by three goals. With both teams advancing to a 2-1 record, they’ll both be looking to challenge for the coveted LAN spots once again come to the end of the season.

Renault Vitality 3-1 FC Barcelona

With a win against a poor TSM side under their belts after a shocking defeat to Singularity last week, all eyes were on Renault Vitality as they looked to avoid another upset, this time against high-flying FC Barcelona. However, Vitality were able to secure their second win of the day as Fairy Peak came out with a dominating performance. Despite losing a close one-goal affair in game one, Vitality were unfazed, showing their clutch experience as they took the third and fourth games in overtime to take the series 3-1.


Here are the league standings after week three:

RLCS EU Standings
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