Escape From Tarkov's new beginner map is littered with lethal mines

Escape From Tarkov's new beginner map is littered with lethal mines
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Lloyd Coombes


28th Dec 2023 09:55

Escape From Tarkov has a reputation as an unforgiving game, and that's become part of its unique charm. Players enter, loot up, and attempt to leave its maps in excursions called Raids, but with realistic weaponry and one-hit-kill headshots, you'll need to have your wits about you.

The game's latest update, patch 0.14, adds a whole host of changes to the long-running beta, with one of the biggest draws being the inclusion of Ground Zero, a beginner-friendly map - or so developer Battlestate Games led us to believe.

Beginners beware in Escape From Tarkov's new Ground Zero map

As shared on the Escape From Tarkov subreddit, user kingvp captured footage of their character wandering the Ground Zero map before meeting an unceremonious end thanks to an explosive hidden on the floor.

Booby traps on a beginner map? We'd say it was a little harsh, but look again and there are big red letters painted on the wall saying "KEEP OUT", with an arrow. Sorry kingvp, but we can't help but feel this one might be on you.

Commenters certainly enjoyed the footage. One said "And now you know you need to pay attention to s*** in the world, that's the point", while others suggested that the graffiti isn't exactly the most obvious way of signposting danger.

Whatever the case, here's hoping kingvp didn't lose too much loot from this mishap. And hey, if it's their first time playing, they should at least get the 'Welcome to Tarkov' achievement which is handed out for biting the dust thanks to the newly added achievement system.

Ground Zero is only accessible up until level 20, so don't expect to go hunting for new players after that, but it offers its own array of starter quests to help players learn the ropes.

What's new in Escape From Tarkov Beta patch 0.14?

Escape from Tarkov gas station
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While Escape From Tarkov is still in beta (and has been for years), developer Battlestate Games has added plenty to it.

Patch 0.14 may just be one of the biggest yet, though, and not just because it adds Ground Zero.

There's a new boss, a visual rework for Shoreline including a new area, and naturally, new weapons to earn (and in my case, lose).

Then there's the achievement system mentioned earlier, a Hall of Fame for the Hideout, and reworked hitboxes and armour. The devs also added vaulting, and swapping weapons between shoulders.

You can hire a new vehicle, the BTR-82A, to carry you or your loot, or offer cover fire. Check it out in the clip below:

Will any of this make Escape From Tarkov easier for the average player? Unlikely, but I'm excited to jump back in for the first time in a couple of years to find out.

Lloyd Coombes
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