Elden Ring And Studio Ghibli Crossover Is A Thing Of Beauty

Elden Ring And Studio Ghibli Crossover Is A Thing Of Beauty
Studio Ghibli | Reddit u/Expensive-Peak2470

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Joseph Kime


27th Feb 2023 11:42

It barely needs to be said at this point, but Elden Ring is a good-looking game. Say what you will about it FromSoftware's dismal aesthetic, but adding a pop of colour and introducing more vibrant locales to The Lands Between helped Elden Ring stand out as a visual treat.

Elden Ring is a special game, and we'll happily say that we wouldn't change it. Except, of course, if Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki wanted to give the game a new lick of paint. And that's exactly what we've got...sort of.

Fan Creates Elden Ring And Studio Ghibli Crossover

One Elden Ring superfan has revealed a series of images they've created to replicate the art styles of Studio Ghibli's classic films in the setting of the Lands Between. It brings the tortured realm to life in a spectacular fashion.

Artist Expensive-Peak2470 has shared their work on Reddit, revealing three of them in a post to the Elden Ring subreddit. The art itself is fantastic, with one image particularly stunning fans with its iteration of Ranni as a Ghibli-esque protagonist.

The artwork evokes the likes of Princess Mononoke and Castle in the Sky, and it's incredibly impressive that the artist has brought the dingy world to life in such a gorgeous and colourful way.

There's An Official Elden Ring Manga

Similarly, there is more art to be appreciated when it comes to Elden Ring, and not everybody knows about it. There is actually an official Elden Ring manga, titled The Road to the Erdtree, which can be read entirely for free on Comic Walker.

Though the manga isn't like a Ghibli movie (it's actually pretty violent), it's still a great read that adds a new morsel of lore to the Lands Between that may have passed many fans by. Even so, if Hayao Miyazaki could get matey with Hidetaka Miyazaki, then we'd appreciate it. 

The idea of an official Studio Ghibli and FromSoftware crossover isn't completely out of the question, and as the former recently partnered with Disney for a Ghibli x Star Wars short, the idea of an animated Elden Ring series sounds like a licence to print money. 

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