EA FC 24 players outraged by ‘disgraceful’ End of Season rewards

EA FC 24 players outraged by ‘disgraceful’ End of Season rewards

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Jack Marsh


2nd Nov 2023 17:53

EA FC 24 is now out of its infancy and turning towards adolescence, with Season 1 wrapping up some cagey early affairs.

The rebranded FIFA title has struggled to impose itself with the sideline managers not being able to prevent some rather game-breaking glitches and stop the defences from being wider than the Pacific Ocean.

Yet fans have persisted in hope that things can be turned around as the Seasons go on.

Your patience hasn't been rewarded though, as EA FC 24 has left fans outraged by the End of Season rewards.

EA FC 24 Season 1 rewards stick as a 'disgraceful' Tifo

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Ever since Rivals was introduced, players have been rewarded for their efforts at the end of a season, with milestones for games played being a clause in your contract that opens up bigger and better packs.

This year though, the packs have been removed.

The Rivals milestone rewards, tiered at 20, 45, and 90 games, have been changed to a pointless Tifo (reflective of each tier), and the packs have been left in FIFA.

The Tifo has always been advertised as the reward, but fans fully expected this placeholder item to have reneged when the Season ended in favour of some surprise packs, but they've been left disappointed.

Not only are you left without packs for this season though, EA FC 24 Season 2 is following suit, with yet another Tifo on offer for your milestone rewards.

EA FC 24 fans lash out at End of Season rewards


With the reward now live, fans have been clamouring on to the web app, only to be disappointed and head straight to social media to complain.

"90 games for a tifo? Why give out packs at the end of the season when you can just make the players blow their money on packs in the shop right?" one outraged fan said on Twitter.

Another added, "Absolute disgrace. Worst game of FIFA that I ever played full of BUGSS !!!!! even the elite rewards the best player is TOTW Wijnaldum I'm going to vomit.

I think we all expected the End of Season rewards to be overturned, but alas, your efforts have been in vain.

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