EA FC 24 fans find simple trick to breeze through Centurions Evolutions

EA FC 24 fans find simple trick to breeze through Centurions Evolutions

Written by 

Jack Marsh


1st Nov 2023 17:29

These new Centurions Evolutions are brilliant, yet brutal. 

The paid Box to Box evo will buff some already-incredible cards into absolute powerhouses, with the likes of Llorente, Tchouameni, and Crystal Dunn all being popular choices, while the free Sharpshooter evo is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to find viable chemistry links with a good striker; finally, Hwang Hee-Chan and Heung Min Son can work in tandem even at the elite levels of play.

But to complete both Evolutions, you will be forced into winning - not just playing - roughly 80 games of EA FC 24.

There is a cheeky way to complete your EA FC 24 Centurions Evolutions quickly

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One of the hardest elements of winning these 40 games per evolution is grinning and bearing playing Squad Battles, given your Evo might not yet fit into your team, or you're using a 77-rated player that just won't cut it in Rivals.

But, if you're quite the Rivals guru, you can actually leave your Evo player on the sidelines. 

In contrast to past Objectives that usually require your player to be in your Starting XI, these Evolutions only require your player to feature in the game, meaning they can come on as 90th-minute subs and still qualify for the win.

How to get your Centurions Evolutions done quickly

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Of course, this doesn't limit how many games you need to win, but it certainly means that you don't have to change your team detrimentally to fit them in, nor do you have to grind squad battles religiously and smash your head off the desk playing against AI.

Instead, get your mojo on in Rivals - which will also be getting a soft reset as the new season rolls out on November 2 to make wins even easier - and then simply tonk the ball out in the last minute to get your sub on.

Then, a mere three or four games on Squad Rivals to play against Semi-pro difficulty and thread in 20 assists should be a breeze, and you'll have your incredibly powerful Centurion Evolutions in your club before you know it.

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