DualSense V2 leaks give hope to PS5 Pro reveal

DualSense V2 leaks give hope to PS5 Pro reveal
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Joseph Kime


12th Jan 2024 15:30

We're in a very exciting period of a gaming generation right now. As we wait patiently for Nintendo to reveal its next console iteration, there are rumours circling that more streamlined versions of the current leading consoles could be on the way.

The PS5 and Xbox Series families are incredibly powerful, but there's always room for expansion that gives the upgraded console's company an edge. Following the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, Microsoft and Sony have proved that they're willing to do it - even if our hopes of getting the PS5 Pro were squandered by insiders recently.

Now, it looks like at least some kind of upgrade could be on the way for PlayStation fans, and with a new peripheral, get ready for those PS5 Pro rumours to rear their heads again. 

Dualsense V2 leaks, hints at better battery life

A person holding the PS5's Dualsense in their hands as a PS4 controller sits in the background.
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Image via Unsplash - Onur Binay

A listing for the DualSense V2 was spotted on the Best Buy website in Canada (via ResetEra), hinting that we should brace for a brand-new PlayStation 5 controller. The original DualSense was one of the most inventive controllers ever, but four years later, it's time for a revamp.

The listing has since been removed from the site (naturally), but the listing boasts all of the features that come with the regular DualSense controller and then some. These key changes suggest that the DualSense V2 controller can reach 12 hours of battery life and will come packaged with a charging station that offers "easy click-in charging."

Though the upgrades are slim, they're impressive. Even in today's gaming landscape, 12-hour battery life is unheard of. Fans might've asked for replaceable battery packs, but still, it's still a solid step up for something that would work great with a PS5 Pro. Wink, wink, nod, nod. 

How much does the Dualsense V2 cost?

A switched-on PS5, with two Dualsense controllers sat next to it.
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Image via Unsplash - Triyansh Gill

Allegedly, the listing suggested that the new controller will cost $89.99 CAD, which is pretty close to the current retail cost of the existing DualSense controller. This is a nice touch, as it means that the gaming experience will be nicely upgraded for new players and those who need a new controller at no additional cost.

The big question is whether the DualSense V2 is being rolled out for that mythical PS5 Pro, or we're just stuck with the recently released PS5 Slim. It would be foolish to release a new console so close to the Slim, so we're guessing we'll be waiting a while. The PS5 Pro might not be here yet, but this will tide us over well enough.

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