Dr Disrespect Is An NPC In NBA 2K23, For Some Reason

Dr Disrespect Is An NPC In NBA 2K23, For Some Reason
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Joseph Kime


9th Sep 2022 09:58

The catalogue of EA Sports titles that hang in the background have always been serious sleeper hits.

Though all eyes may be on FIFA, especially as its final game under its current moniker approaches, the likes of NFL Madden and even NHL have all absolutely smashed it in sales. Despite their absence from the forefront of the gaming community, they still absolutely smash it in financial success for EA, and it looks as though the upcoming NBA 2K23 isn't going to be any different.

And now, it has been revealed that a popular streamer is going to be joining the title as an NPC. For some reason.

Dr Disrespect Is Joining NBA 2K23

Dr Disrespect Is An NPC In NBA 2K23, For Some Reason
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Making for one of the strangest PR pushes for a game that we've seen this year, popular streamer Dr Disrespect has joined NBA 2K23 as one of the NPCs wandering around the game's open world.

The City, the hub world for the game, has revealed that the Doc himself will be wandering around, and players can interact with him to earn items as part of an incredibly strange promotional collaboration.


Chatting to Dr Disrespect will offer players a series of challenges that will reward them with a Mountain Dew billboard, as well as themed half-courts and a bundle bringing Mountain Dew and Papa Johns together.

The collaboration is mind-meltingly bizarre, and it's hard to see what brings Mountain Dew, Papa Johns and the Doc together - but at this stage, we're willing to embrace it, because the explanation is probably beyond our pay grade of understanding.

NBA 2K23's The City Is Huge

Players are just getting to grips with the sheer scale of the game, and exploration of The City has revealed that NBA 2K23's hub world is pretty huge.

In fact, it's so big that it needs new modes of transport to explore, with golf carts and skateboards being peppered around between fast travel stations so that players can truly see everything.

It might now be what we'd expect from an NBA game, but it's a welcome change - and these welcome changes are especially exciting for Dr Disrespect fans. He might just be wandering around in The City, but it sure as hell beats moaning about Warzone.

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