Dr Disrespect Claims Fortnite No-Build Mode Was 'Built For Me'

Dr Disrespect Claims Fortnite No-Build Mode Was 'Built For Me'
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Emma Hill


4th Apr 2022 17:09

Fortnite appears to have won Dr Disrespect back, thanks to the recently added no-build mode as the YouTuber feels as if it was "built" for him. 

Fortnite players were astounded to wake up one morning to find that the Chapter 3 Season 2 update had completely eradicated building from the game, meaning players could only use existing structures for cover as they looked to reign supreme in the battle royale. Although players were split at first, ultimately the change was not only praised by fans, but many even called for it to be made permanent - which it duly was.

Now, Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV has shared his review of the update and seems the change might have done the impossible and actually helped the YouTuber enjoy the game once again. 

What Has Dr Disrespect Said About Fortnite In The Past?

Dr Disrespect and Fortnite have certainly had a rocky relationship over the years, going all the way back when the Doc was still streaming on Twitch. Although he came back to the battle royale on numerous occasions, he recurrently criticised the game for numerous reasons. For example, during one particularly frustrating playthrough, the Two-Time called Fortnite, "the biggest sell-out game in the history of video game history." 

The Doc may have teased a move back to Fortnite after becoming increasingly frustrated with Warzone but that never panned out and the Doc was seen streaming Epic Games' title less and less.

Yet, that all changed following the Chapter 3 Season 2 update which, after temporarily disabling building in casuals modes, made a permanent no-build playlist, dubbed Zero Build. The move prompted a wave of Fortnite players both past and present to return to the game to explore the change, including Dr Disrespect who admitted: "It was actually fun. Thought I'd never say that about Fortnite. Ever."

Dr Disrespect Loves Fortnite No Build Mode

Following on from the initial hype surrounding Fortnite's no build mode, Dr Disrespect took to Twitter to share something we never expected to hear. In the tweet, the Doc said: "I feel like the Fortnite no build mode was built for me. Super athletic, high mobility, slide 360 sniper shots, shotty in your face etc etc." However, he still wasn't entirely positive saying it "just sucks aim assist controller junky kids are intermixed."

So, Zero Build has proven so popular that it has managed to even win over the cynical Dr Disrespect. What next? Could we see the Doc competing at a high level in the most colourful BR? You wouldn't put it past him.


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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