Dr Disrespect calls for Blackout return as Warzone anti-cheat ‘doesn’t work’

Dr Disrespect calls for Blackout return as Warzone anti-cheat ‘doesn’t work’
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Jack Marsh


5th Jun 2024 12:05

As Warzone appears to have dropped off the face of the earth in 2024, players have been reminiscing lately about what could have been for the battle royale.

The arena shooter genre appears to be on the climb again, with battle royales being phased out and Warzone's Resurgence mode being the string that's holding the Call of Duty BR together, as the large-scale map has long been forgotten about.

However, the languish Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV has revealed that the "dogs**t" anti-cheat is the main reason for the title's downfall, and it might be time to try again with Blackout.

Dr Disrespect implodes at Warzone anti-cheat

In his typical critical voice, Dr Disrespect has taken aim at Ricochet for being the crutch of Warzone.

"I feel like Team Ricochet is run by five individuals out of the back of a man’s warehouse. These guys are surrounded by suits and ties, but they set up a little five-screen LAN location, branded themselves team Ricochet and Activision fell for it," he said on stream with his Warzone duo Zack "ZLaner" Lane,

"IT DOESN'T WORK" he shouted. Activision recently took a big stride toward finally winning its war against hackers, taking down one of the biggest cheat providers with a massive $14 million lawsuit.

Dr Disrespect is team Blackout

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Blackout has been subject to quite a lot of nostalgic wishes as of late, recently being the target of a hopeful remaster from the community, 

This stance has just been endorsed by Dr Disrespect too, as the streamer has taken to Twitter to add fuel to the fire by saying "Blackout > Warzone". 

"It's not even close either," he added.

Of course, the Black Ops 4 battle royale was never really given much chance, given it was held behind the paywall that included buying the full game, and still had its own cheater issues. 

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But Warzone's free-to-play status has meant that cheaters can quickly get back on the grind again once they have been caught and taken down, whereas Black Ops' paywall prevented this. 

Maybe, Blackout could return behind a smaller paywall, making it accessible to players but not for repeat cheaters.

Black Ops 6 could yet try to recapture the essence of Warzone by bringing back Verdansk, although it might have been better served to bring back Blackout after all.

Jack Marsh
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