CoD players turn on Warzone as some call for a Blackout revival

CoD players turn on Warzone as some call for a Blackout revival
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31st May 2024 15:39

Call of Duty Warzone's arrival lowered the barrier of entry into the FPS franchise for many, arriving at a time when many were unable to go outside.

It's reached staggering player numbers, but since the transition to Warzone 2 (now just referred to as Warzone), it's lost a little of its shine. Between cheaters, bugs, or just needing to have so many of the mainline entries' weapons tailored to its specific sandbox parameters, some Call of Duty players have had enough.

Some Call of Duty fans want Blackout to replace Warzone



A debate began on X (formerly Twitter) after Call of Duty YouTube creator TheGamingRev suggested Warzone "be discontinued and those resources put into more interesting modes like Zombies, Multiplayer, and the Campaign or something entirely new".

Call of Duty streamer Modern Warzone disagreed, saying "It’s still the most played mode of the entire franchise and still has legs to stand on."

"This year has shown that multiplayer can still get the love it needs and Warzone can still be successful."

Others suggested the Battle Royale "ruined what CoD once was", while others said that despite its issues, it's a great battle royale. Some just want to head back to Verdansk.

On the other hand, there are calls for the return of Blackout, the short-lived battle royale that wasn't free-to-play, arriving as part of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 in 2018. That game didn't feature a campaign, so presumably more resources were invested into the last-man-standing contest.

With Warzone likely to see a shakeup to reflect the Black Ops 6 weapons and setting later this year, don't hold your breath for more Blackout. It's also worth noting that this year's Modern Warfare 3 was derided as "DLC" for its insistence on bringing back classic maps. Could Black Ops 6 be more ambitious and therefore cause changes to the Warzone formula? We'll find out soon, with an Xbox/Call of Duty event next week.

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