Diablo IV Collector’s Edition has a major problem

Diablo IV Collector’s Edition has a major problem
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Joseph Kime


1st May 2023 21:20

Diablo IV is finally peeking around the corner, and though it's been a long time coming, it still feels strangely soon. Perhaps it was the arrival of Diablo Immortal that made it feel this way. The mobile spin-off might be controversial with its in-app purchase practice, but damn was it addictive.

Great though it may be, Immortal wasn't much of a replacement for a mainline title, and thankfully, that's exactly what we're set to get soon. Thankfully the Diablo IV Collector's Edition might help you to negate some of the stresses that the game itself brings.

Diablo IV Collector's Edition comes with a candle

Diablo 4 collector’s edition encourages you to stay a while
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As reported by PCGamesN, Diablo partner and top-ranked player "Wudijo" is one of the lucky few sent a Diablo 4 Collector's Edition. For those super-fans of Diablo who want the true occultist experience, there's the Collector's Edition box that offers a swathe of goodies for players to pick up and enjoy.

Among the items that can be found in the box are the Occult Mousepad, a cloth map of Sanctuary, two matted fine art prints and a Collector's Edition art book that looks to be pretty hefty - but that certainly isn't the headliner of the set.

The Candle of Creation looks incredibly dramatic, with a metallic carved Lilith bust to make for a candle holder and a blood-red stub of wax standing inside. Just imagine it standing next to your Collector's Edition box.

The candle has a big Satanist vibe about it, and it'll make for perfect burning when you're taking on the game yourself. Well, it would if it wasn't an electric one to fool us all. But, there's a bit of a problem with the box.

Diablo IV's Collector's Edition doesn't come with the game

Diablo 4 collector’s edition encourages you to stay a while
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Here we go again. Though the Diablo IV Collector's Edition box comes with some pretty great goodies for long-time fans of the franchise, it doesn't come with the game whatsoever. If you want both, you'll have to order it separately - even though the box releases on the same date, for some reason.

It's a frustrating situation that is even worse than God of War Ragnarok including a download code but no physical copy. Blizzard is taking it one step further as you splash out $97/£97 for a Collector's Edition with no game. But hey, at least you'll get a nice candle out of it.

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