Diablo fans hate how Call of Duty has 'butchered' their characters

Diablo fans hate how Call of Duty has 'butchered' their characters
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Tom Chapman


2nd Oct 2023 11:01

To quote Marlon Brando in The Godfather, "Look how they massacred my boy." While we're all up for a good ol' Call of Duty crossover, there are growing concerns that the shooter series is desecrating some icons of the gaming world.

If giving grenades a Crash Bandicoot wumpa skin or adding a high-heeled Nicki Minaj felt like a cheap cash-in, that's nothing compared to the recent run of gaming crossovers. Following accusations of a "pudgy" Lara Croft ruining the Tomb Raider legacy, CoD's new Diablo crossover is getting a baptism of fire.

Diablo fans hate the Call of Duty crossover

With Activision Blizzard holding the keys to both the CoDverse and the realm of Sanctuary, a Call of Duty x Diablo crossover was always going to be likely. With the spooky season now upon us, there couldn't be a better time to see Lilith spread her wings on the battlefield. The problem is, that some think the designers have done her dirty.

On the Diablo subreddit, an angry horde of players called out Call of Duty. One said, "It is Activision's franchise now. And Activision is driven by profit, not quality," while another added, "CoD is supposed to be a 'realistic' military shooter, when was the last time you saw archangels and demons entering a war?"

A third lamented, "Try being a Halo fan and seeing Master Chief everywhere besides a new good Halo game." Someone else reminded us that the likes of FromSoftware has had continuously great releases and said, "It's just easy easier to profit by demolishing years of good faith to make a crap product."

Call of Duty just reminded us Diablo exists

Others praised Call of Duty for bringing Diablo back into relevance. One snarky critic wrote, "Well, when you lose almost 90% of your players gotta do something to make the game 'relevant' again lol." Another joked, "Diablo has content when did this happen?

There have been general grumbles that Diablo 4 has vanished almost as soon as it arrived. There have been a multitude of problems, not helped by the release of Baldur's Gate 3. Couple this with continuous nerfs and having to create a new character for each season, Diablo 4 has had a lukewarm reception. 

Thankfully, we could still turn things around. Diablo General Manager Rod Fergusson has promised big changes for the upcoming "Season of Blood" and a long-awaited change to world bosses. Saying, "Please tune into the dev streams," Fergusson has teased change on the horizon.

We're expecting the usual uptick of returning players when "Season on Blood" releases, but it remains to be seen whether Diablo 4 can claw its way back into the mainstream. In the meantime, at least we can see Lilith pop a cap in some asses inside Call of Duty.

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