Detective Pikachu 3 gets the nod from The Pokemon Company

Detective Pikachu 3 gets the nod from The Pokemon Company
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Joseph Kime


23rd Oct 2023 11:25

October 2023 saw Detective Pikachu come back in a big way with the aptly-titled Detective Pikachu Returns, and while the series hasn't always stayed at the forefront of Pokemon fans' minds, it's been consistent enough of an adventure to make sure that players were coming back for a sequel.

Detective Pikachu found a whole new fan base thanks to the live-action movie of the same name, while Detective Pikachu Returns has breathed new life into the crime-solving series. And now, it looks like another could be on the cards.

The Pokemon Company's president hints at Detective Pikachu spin-off

Detective Pikachu wearing an unconvincing disguise.
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Though we're not far from the release of Detective Pikachu Returns, it looks like hopes for another potential return to the series are already on the come-up. Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara has hinted that Detective Pikachu 3 could be a real possibility. 

"I can't make any promises at this point," Ishihara says in an interview with VGC. "But if Detective Pikachu Returns is well received and there is a great demand for it, there is room for a spin-off."

It's certainly an interesting implication, as Detective Pikachu Returns itself serves as a pretty concise and comfortable end to Pikachu and Harry's story, but who knows - there could be plenty more left in the tank. After all, there have been plenty of Pokemon Ranger and Mystery Dungeon games. 

What would a Detective Pikachu spin-off entail?

Detective Pikachu and his partner Harry eating dinner.
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Though it's hard to imagine what we could get in a spin-off of Detective Pikachu, which is already a spin-off in itself, it could actually be pretty simple.

All fans really need to be happy with a Detective Pikachu game is the return of the gruff little detective, so whether we get some kind of prequel or just another adventure with him, fans are still likely to be happy.

We'll just have to wait to see what's in store for us, but one thing's for sure - we're going to have to really impress the company with sales to make it happen.

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