Dead Island 2's Deathwish trailer might be its weirdest yet

Dead Island 2's Deathwish trailer might be its weirdest yet
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Lloyd Coombes


21st Apr 2023 12:09

The Dead Island franchise is certainly known for its promotional materials almost as much as its zombie-slaying combat.

Things have certainly changed since the original 2011 trailer that showed a family (literally) torn apart by the zombie virus, though, and the Dead Island 2 Deathwish clip takes a different approach.

"We're all going to die, that's a fact" the trailer's faux infomercial explains. "The question is, are you prepared for what happens next?"

The Dead Island 2 Deathwish trailer is bonkers

Set up as a parody insurance policy dubbed "The Deathwish" from UK insurer DeadHappy, the trailer shows that, for a modest sum, you can have your remains encased in metal to prevent your reanimation to wreak havoc on the living - and there's a crack team of slayers to put you down (again) if you do.

The fun part is that, believe it or not, DeadHappy is a real insurer. The product page for the Dead Island 2 Deathwish policy shows it'll set you back £8,000, and will cover your funeral expenses so buyers can "die responsibly".

The page also stressed that "All of our Deathwishes are exactly that - wishes only. We can’t force anyone to activate them (legally), but at least they know what you want in life (and death)."

It's a little sillier, but no less dark, than the trailers from the franchise's past, and while our review wasn't overly enamoured with Dead Island 2, we did praise the moments where it gives into its more comical leanings.

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Lloyd Coombes
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