Dead By Daylight Won't Stop Releasing Resident Evil Content

Dead By Daylight Won't Stop Releasing Resident Evil Content
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Tom Chapman


26th Jan 2023 17:09

At this point, shouldn't we really call Dead by DaylightResident Evil asymmetric horror? Behaviour Interactive's game has been going strong for nearly seven years, and these days, is largely known for its pop culture crossovers.

Alongside the big three of Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers, Dead by Daylight has honoured everything from Ringu to Hellraiser. Still, load up the game at any given time, and you're sure to find something new from the Resiverse.

What Are The New Dead By Daylight Skins?

The latest in the long line of Resident Evil crossovers brings in the Resident Evil x Lunar New Year collection - featuring new cosmetics for Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, and the Blight.

There are six RE characters in Dead by Daylight (Jll, Leon, Ada, Rebecca, Albert Wesker, and Nemesis), however, you can use cosmetic sets to dress like Resident Evil 5's Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar

In terms of new cosmetics, a legendary cosmetic set for the Blight turns him into the iconic (and mutated) William Birkin from Resident Evil 2Ada's "Lunar Qipao" and Jill's "Revelations Gear" sees the dynamic duo dressed in iconic outfits from the franchise's past.

All three are available via the in-game store and are confirmed to be sticking around for the foreseeable instead of being limited-time drops for the Lunar New Year event. Be warned though, they're all part of a set and have to be worn wholly instead of as mix-and-match items. 

What's Next For Dead By Daylight?

Celebrating 2023 in style, Behaviour is looking ahead to its June anniversary broadcast. Year 7 gave us the Dredge, two chapters that brought characters from the Resiverse over, and more original content. 

The updated Year 7 roadmap confirms what we've still got to look forward to until June. Alongside tweaks to perks and accessibility, there's a whole new chapter coming in March 2023. 

Aiming to fix complaints of a broken meta, the Bloodweb is getting an overhaul. Importantly, the developer vows to "make it easier and faster to spend your Bloodpoints than ever before."

"The Realm Beyond" project that started in 2021 will keep upgrading older maps, while there's a new mechanic that means you won't get two of the same map in a row. 

We're excited to see what's on the way in this mysterious Chapter 27, but please, for the love of horror, please let it be something other than Resident Evil

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