CS:GO player hits one-in-a-lifetime ace with single bullet

CS:GO player hits one-in-a-lifetime ace with single bullet

Written by 

Jack Marsh


11th Apr 2023 16:14

With Counter-Strike absolutely thriving over a decade after its release, the tactical shooter is being honed and perfected by millions of players concurrently.

Having smashed Steam records and surpassed active player counts of over 1.5 million, CS:GO's player base is continuing to push the boundaries of what Valve has made possible. Now, one player has nailed a once-in-a-lifetime shot, and fans have been blown away.

CS:GO player hits stunning five-person collateral with the AWP

Casual Counter-Strike player "Sp1cay" has hit a once-in-a-lifetime shot in the game, killing all five players on the enemy team with one single bullet.

Creeping into the Banana on Inferno, the player was stunned to see players lining up in the alleyway, and after instinctively firing, all five enemies lined up into his AWP crosshairs and were eliminated with one sniper shot. 

The final bullet even connected with a player's head to add to the amazement, given that the collateral might have reduced in damage by the time it connected with the last player, but a connection with the head ensured Sp1cay hit arguably the best shot in CS:GO history. 

CS:GO players stunned by one-bullet ace

Although a push through Banana is quite common in CS, and collaterals are also a haven there, players have been blown away at the odds of all five players choosing that exact route (with no one leading the charge or anyone holding back to watch a flank) and each of them lining up along the same line of pixels.

"This has to be the most impressive/lucky thing to ever happen in recorded competitive gaming history. Like what are the sheer mathematical odds this happens?" quizzed Juan "HungryBox" Debiedma.

The player has seen his YouTube clip soar with views, but has since gotten back to his usual CS:GO grind. Not a bad shot to get on record before players run off to Counter-Strike 2 soon.

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