Dr Disrespect's Deadrop Gameplay Already Has Players Hating It

Dr Disrespect's Deadrop Gameplay Already Has Players Hating It
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Joseph Kime


1st Aug 2022 10:14

We've known that Dr Disrespect has been working on a new battle royale title for some time, but secretly, we never really thought it'd see the light of day.

In our defence, the streamer has some pretty lofty hopes, suggesting that the game built on blockchain tech and will be selling NFTs will "blow Warzone out of the water," and hoping to be the new domineering force on the battle royale market.

Even for someone of the Doc's stature, these are huge claims - but as the title has had its gameplay reveal, its arrival seems more likely than ever. But fans aren't exactly won over.

What Does The Deadrop Gameplay Look Like?

A new "snapshot" of the upcoming Midnight Society shooter has been revealed - offering players the chance to take the mechanics of the game for a spin themselves. Fans and critics alike are already sharing their experiences with the game online.

YouTuber Geeky Pastimes has showcased a particularly illuminating video that explores the playable area, picking up the weapons on offer and touring the environments that Mighnight Society has shared. Deadrop looks fairly straightforward, with simple gunplay and well-designed (if clunky) locations. Sadly, fans aren't impressed. At all.


Fans Already Hate Deadrop 

In no time at all, fans have leapt to criticise the game, claiming that it doesn't look modern, and will have a lot of work to do if it really wants to compete with Warzone. "Looks great for a mobile game," says one commenter. "Can't wait for the console/ pc version. Oh, wait…" Another added, "This is the game that he says looks better and plays better than MW2 Hilarious!"

A third concluded, "Looks like it was made in 2006. P.S the dislikes are more than the likes." Deadrop certainly doesn't look to be rivalling the giants just yet - but let's be honest, the Doc is going to champion it until it does. Or, at least until a week after launch, knowing him. It looks as though fans aren't quite as enthusiastic as he is.

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