Crash Team Rumble adds Spyro to try and save the game

Crash Team Rumble adds Spyro to try and save the game
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Tom Chapman


20th Nov 2023 14:00

There's a rumble in the jungle, as Spyro the Dragon attempts to light a fire beneath the abysmal player number of Crash Team Rumble. The party game was supposed to capitalise on the success of Crash Bandicoot, but instead, it feels like it's crashed and burned before it had a chance to reach its potential.

We've had many Crash spin-offs over the years, with Crash Team Racing, Crash Bash, and Crash Boom Bang! all giving us something away from your classic platformer experience. Sadly, the hype surrounding Crash Team Rumble has seemingly died down. Will adding another Activision favourite really fix things?

Spyro the Dragon is coming to Crash Team Rumble Season 3

While Crash Bandicoot is the former PlayStation mascot who holds a lot of gravitas in the gaming world, let's not forget Spyro the Dragon. That purple cutie debuted in 1998 and soon took flight as another PlayStation staple. He's now been resigned to the Skylanders series, although there are hopes he could return one day.

Crash Team Rumble lets you play as a number of famous faces from the Crash games, including the main man himself, Tawna, Dr. Neo Cortex, and Dingodile. We already knew Spyro was coming to Crash Team Rumble, but we now know how and when he'll spread his wings.

Season 2 was dubbed "Party Mode" and added Spyro's archnemesis, Ripto. "All Fired Up" kicks off on December 7 and will add Spyro to the party. Whether this is the boost CTR needs remains to be seen. Over on TwitchTracker, the game currently has zero viewers and has a seven-day average of just 10 viewers.

Crash Team Rumble reignites Spyro 4 hopes

Crash Team Rumble Spyro the Dragon
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With Spyro getting some much-needed TLC, it's sparked hopes that he'll get a full-blown return in a potential Spyro 4. We'd heard about a mythical Spyro 4: Mystery of the Dragon for an October reveal, but nothing came to pass. Still, there are rumours that Spyro will soon get his own game again.

The long-gestated Activision Blizzard King Deal saw the gaming giant brought under the watchful eye of the Xbox overlord, with Phil Spencer telling the Xbox Podcast he's "all in" on reviving classic Activision IPs if there's an appetite for it. Given that Stray got a popular Spyro mod, we know that's the case.

Although we haven't seen Spyro since 2018's Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Activision recently changed its banner to feature Spyro and threw more fuel on the fire that he's coming back. Whether it'll happen or not, at least we'll get something of a Spyro fix from Crash Team Rumble - that's if any of you still plan on playing.

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