CouRage slams MW3 Beta’s ‘insufferable’ SBMM

CouRage slams MW3 Beta’s ‘insufferable’ SBMM
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9th Oct 2023 13:00

After just three days of Modern Warfare 3 action, Jack "CouRage" Dunlop is leading the charge of complaints, as skill-based matchmaking is reportedly tuned up to the maximum.

The SBMM system is designed to help out those players who are lower in skill by pooling them with like-minded players and pushing better-quality players into much tougher lobbies, much to their dismay.

SBMM is always a concern in Call of Duty, but according to CouRage, the early Modern Warfare 3 Beta builds are "insufferable" and he's already calling for a change.

CouRage slams skill-based matchmaking in the Modern Warfare 3 Beta

CouRage, who has spent a large portion of his career commenting on professional Call of Duty and streaming alongside some of the most talented Warzone players, has already had enough of how much the MW3 Beta has pushed high-skill players together.

"Man, CoD pubs are INSUFFERABLE with how high-tuned SBMM is," CouRage said on Twitter.

"If you use ANY gun but the ACR or UMP, then you just get farmed by slide-cancelling gigasweats and it's only day 2 of the BETA."

CouRage also called out the meta, as all of the 'sweats' have adopted the MCW and Striker loadouts, making other weapons like the Bas-B completely useless. 

CouRage opens up a huge SBMM debate


With SBMM being a rife topic of discussion over the last few years, fans were quick to lap up this debate in Modern Warfare 3, as both sides of the argument took to the replies in a war of words.

"SBMM ruined MP years ago now and that’ll never change," one fan added to CouRage's rant.

"We shouldn’t have SBMM in modes that aren’t ranked," agreed Call of Duty streamer "Rara".

On the flip side, OpTic and Team SummerTime content creator Davis "Hitchariide" Edwards claimed that MW2's SBMM was low once it was open to the public, and hopefully, the trilogy will follow suit.

"SBMM was bad in MW19 and horrendous in Cold War. In MWII I didn’t notice SBMM at all. Hopefully, it’s the same system as last year once the game comes out," he said.

ModernWarzone owner "Dougdagnabbit" also added, "It’s closed beta right now, mainly only the sweats are playing.

Given there is only a minor portion of the community playing right now, with the Beta being dedicated to the die-hards, its clear to see why the skill gap is so high. With hope, the Christmas noobs will all arrive early this year.

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