Counter-Strike pros are already cheesing CS2's Limited Test

Counter-Strike pros are already cheesing CS2's Limited Test
Images: Valve

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Joseph Kime


23rd Mar 2023 11:19

Counter-Strike 2 is already making waves, and it was only announced yesterday. Though we probably shouldn't have expected a measured reaction from Counter-Strike fans.

Players have been rinsing CS:GO since it was released back in 2012, and though the game hasn't been supported as much as fans would like, they've been playing the game in spite of the lack of new content - but now newness is here.

Counter-Strike 2's beta is already live, and it's letting some of the game's prominent professionals behind the curtain. And they're already making the most of the brand-new mechanics for some easy kills.

Counter-Strike pros are already loving the sequel's new features

One of the brand new features revealed by Valve as a part of yesterday's game reveal is the new adaptive and smart smoke, that have drastically changed the tactical capabilities of smoke grenades. 

Streamer and pro-Counter-Strike player Jordan Gilbert, better known as n0thing, has shared a clip of his stream that shows him already mastering the new smoke changes, tossing a smoke grenade before throwing a frag into it, parting the smoke before him, allowing him to spray his foes as they remain stunned by the surprise.

It's a quick reaction to the new feature, especially as it was only announced yesterday.

What do Counter-Strike 2's smoke grenades do?

The smoke grenade's new function is to part for bullets and frag grenades, as well as fill enclosed spaces in a more natural way. 

They've been described as 'smart' smokes, and they certainly look that way in the video that revealed the game - it's a big new change to the game's tactics, and clearly players are already having fun with it.

There's plenty to look forward to in Counter-Strike 2, and streamers and pros are already proving that these new features are offering some massive technical advantages. We're not smart enough to make sense of it, but damn, we'll give it a go.

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