Call of Duty players tilted by Counter-Strike 2 reveal

Call of Duty players tilted by Counter-Strike 2 reveal
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Joseph Kime


23rd Mar 2023 10:11

Yesterday saw the surprise announcement of Counter-Strike 2, and the jaws of PC players hit the floor across the world.

It was a pretty shocking reveal, with the game being officially announced with a series of strategy videos shared to Valve's YouTube channel, that looked initially to be a mistake from someone behind the scenes - but it was planned from the very start, and the game's reveal has sent shockwaves across the community of players still engaging with CS:GO.

Details about the new game are pouring out and fans are lapping it up - but others aren't so happy about it.

Warzone players are moody that CS2 has the features they want

Counter-Strike 2's reveal has come with the announcement of a new creative mode that will allow players to create their own maps and modes - something that many fans feel that Call of Duty has been lacking. And now, as the reveal of the new game has come bundled with the news that Fortnite's creative mode is getting a hefty upgrade, it's pushed Warzone players to breaking point. 

A new movement of players has arisen thanks to a new tweet from CharlieIntel pointing out the lack of customizable content in Warzone.

Warzone fans - Call of Duty is 'truly disappointing'

Responding to the tweet from CharlieIntel, fans have expressed just how frustrating it is that Call of Duty has failed to keep up with its customisation.

It's a shame that fans are feeling left out, but as Fortnite and Counter-Strike 2 level up creative modes, who knows - they might be able to jump into a better Al Mazrah from an entirely different game.

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