Counter-Strike 2 players are already loving the new smoke mechanics

Counter-Strike 2 players are already loving the new smoke mechanics

Written by 

Jack Marsh


23rd Mar 2023 16:44

Smokes have been a staple of Counter-Strike for over two decades, having refined the tactical shooter through a well-placed lineup and perfect timing to assist in team set-ups and configuration.

In fact, the simple smoke grenades have directly elevated CS into the algorithm-heavy shooter that has become one of the biggest games in existence.

So Valve took quite a risk in making significant changes to them in the recently announced Counter-Strike 2. But it appears to have paid off!

Counter-Strike 2 players love the new reactive smokes

Valve's new "Responsive Smokes" have built upon the standard cloud of grey air, by introducing a range of changes to how they work, revolving around adaptation to the environment, and also becoming the same shape for every single player (no more of that one-way smoke cheese).

Although it only seems like a small improvement on the game, fans are now loving them, as new trailers have been released and the first beta tests have come through. 

Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar's reaction perfectly summed up the community, as he exploded with excitement.

"Holy s**t. That was massive. Did you see guys that? Watch him shoot through the smoke and watch the grande in the smoke, that is massive for Counter-Strike. That is unbelievable," he said on stream.

S1mple left stunned by CS2 Smoke changes

It wasn't just Tim who echoed the community though, as CS:GO legend Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyljev was also mindblown at the changes.

"Wow, what the f**k. Did you actually try this? I can't believe it," he said, before calling over his Na'Vi teammates to revel in the news.

S1mple and his lovechild AWP will likely love these new changes for Counter-Strike 2, and will be setting an example for millions of players worldwide to try and copy.

Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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