Corpse Husband Joined By Valkyrae, Sykkuno, And Disguised Toast In Tribe Nine Anime

Corpse Husband Joined By Valkyrae, Sykkuno, And Disguised Toast In Tribe Nine Anime
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Emma Hill


13th Apr 2022 09:33

Some of the streaming community's most popular content creators, Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, "Sykkuno", and Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang have lent their voices to the new anime TV show Tribe Nine. In doing so, they join their friend and fellow streamer "Corpse Husband". 

Faceless streamer Corpse Husband sent fans into a meltdown after breaking his silence to reveal he would be playing villain Ojiro in the new TV anime show Tribe Nine. With his deep vocal tones, Corpse seemed like the perfect choice for the role, especially given how he rose to fame with his short horror stories readthroughs on YouTube. Although he admitted that the recording process was a little embarrassing, his performance proved to be a big hit. 

It didn't seem possible, but streaming fans were even more delighted to find out that some of Corpse's famous friends would also be joining him to lend their voices to the Japanese anime. 

Valkyrae Announces She Is Making An Appearance In Tribe Nine Anime

On April 11, YouTuber Valkyrae announced that she and her fellow streamers Sykkuno and Disguised Toast had joined Corpse Husband to lend their voices to Tribe Nine. In the tweet, Valkyrae said: "Excited to announce that Sykkuno, Toast and I had our first ever voice acting experience in an anime called Tribe Nine all thanks to Corpse." 

The announcement prompted a wave of excitement from fans of the 'Amigops'- the friend group featuring the four streamers who became particularly loved in the community for their Among Us playthroughs. The quartet have spent less and less hours streaming together in recent times, but that hasn't stopped them from being one of the most beloved streaming groups in the community. So, you can imagine the excitement when Valkyrae revealed that her and Sykkuno were officially housemates.

Who Are The Amigops Playing In Tribe Nine?

In the tweet, Valkyrae revealed that she and Sykkuno appeared in the show as the 'infernal twins', the mischievous duo of the Hannya Squad. Disguised Toast has also demonstrated his voice acting skills as a member of the Squad, but his character's name is not yet entirely clear. However, you can check out a quick clip of his performance here

Amigops fans can check out Valkyrae, Toast, and Sykkuno in Episode 11 of Tribe Nine-'Chiyoda Tribe Showdown' right here. We may have only seen a quick snippet of the trio in action, but there's still a chance that the Squad could be teaming up again in the anime's upcoming finale. 


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