CoD players reveal which MW2 map is ‘worst’ in multiplayer

CoD players reveal which MW2 map is ‘worst’ in multiplayer
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20th Oct 2023 17:25

In Call of Duty's long history, there have been countless multiplayer maps, but only a select few attain legendary status. These include Rust, Nuketown, Highrise, Shipment, Terminal, Favela and many more, but there's also the other side of the coin.

In every CoD title, there are the most-hated maps that players absolutely dread whenever they pop up in the lobby. Well, in a recent discussion, MW2 fans came together to vote for the worst multiplayer map. The winner was pretty unanimous.

MW2 fans argue Black Gold is by far the 'worst' map


As we approach the end of Modern Warfare 2's life cycle, the community finally decided to crown one location with the "worst" map award. While many unfortunate candidates were put forward on the ModernWarfareII subreddit, Black Gold received by far the most votes from players.

"I immediately leave when that map comes up, nothing fun about it," revealed one user, with another, arguing, "Being forced to have a visible laser is infuriating, I refuse to ever play that map."

While Black Gold has been allocated as a bottom tier MW2 map, some of the community think it could be salvaged by making it a daytime location. The dark setting seems to be the source of the hatred towards Black Gold, but with MW2 coming to a close, a brighter version certainly isn't on the cards.

Pelayo's Lighthouse is also hated by MW2 players

Pelayo's Lighthouse
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As expected, Black Gold wasn't the only contender for the worst map award, with Pelayo's Lighthouse also getting a huge amount of mentions. "I f**king hate the lighthouse island one the most," said one user, with another claiming, "Yeah the lighthouse map has such a bad flow, feels like this map has the worst spawns."

Unlike MW2, MW3 will bring old-school maps back, with all of MW2 (2009) locations returning in remastered form. These will include Derail and Underpass, which got a lot of hate back in the day. So, it'll be interesting to see whether they get criticised as much as Black Gold when the new title releases on November 10.

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