Call of Duty fans hate Modern Warfare 2's ‘gimp suit’ Operators

Call of Duty fans hate Modern Warfare 2's ‘gimp suit’ Operators
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


6th Mar 2023 17:48

You might want to wave goodbye to the arcade-realism thematic that has been installed in Modern Warfare 2 so far, as Season 2 is pushing away from the mil-sim generator that we've seen so far with some more promiscuous Operators.

With Modern Warfare 2 Ranked players being treated to a selection of nice hooded outfits, other players have been opting to sport a different look in Season 2 thanks to some new characters. 

Shortly after the addition of the well-endowed Red Fox bundle, another rather erotic skin is now making Modern Warfare 2 veterans cringe.

Modern Warfare 2 adds a leather-look Operator

So far, the mil-sim approach has appeased most MW2 fans, with Infinity Ward learning from Sledgehammer's mistakes in Vanguard. But, with Season 2 beginning to stretch the realism boundaries, a new Track Star skin for Gromisko has appeared in the 2000CP Sanguine Squat bundle.

From the waist up, the Operator skin looks more like something from Mr Grey's red room rather than something you'd expect to come across in the trenches of Al Mazrah.  

Others joked that the latex thug appears to be more like something from Batman or GTA, where the masked-up male masquerades in crimes beneath the disguise.

Modern Warfare 2 fans just want Task Force 141

One of the main problems with the skin is that players are wanting a full release of the Call of Duty main characters before these flamboyant fancies take over lobbies.

With obvious omissions like Farah and Captain Price slipping through the net so far, unless you pre-ordered the Red Team 141 Vault Edition of the game, players are now calling for these "gimp suit" Operators to be put on hold.

"We're never gonna get 141 skins are we?" quizzed one fan. Another added, "We've been asking for more Milsim bundles and they straight up did a rework of the RUSSIAN PMC skin from Shadow Company mission. F**k these devs."

It's likely we might see more of the main characters rolled out in future seasons, but for now, you might want to watch your back as these erotic skins won't be afraid to teabag a fallen soldier.

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