MW2 fans lose their minds over ‘well-endowed’ Operator skin

MW2 fans lose their minds over ‘well-endowed’ Operator skin
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Jack Marsh


27th Feb 2023 17:10

The wider Call of Duty community was stunned when an incredibly horny-on-main TikTok craze went viral following the launch of Modern Warfare 2. Ghost's piercing side-eyes quickly became a sex symbol for a franchise which has never meddled with that side of the 18+ mature audience ratings. 

Maybe it was the inner Amsterdam in people who couldn't get enough of Captain Price and Kate Laswell darting through the Red Light District, or the new villainous heroine Valeria which got their blood running, but Ghost's new reputation has become an iconic meme.

Now though, it seems we have a new Operator who is coming with all sorts of heat, as a new bundle has revealed a very well-endowed skin *inserts aubergine emoji*.

MW2 Red Fox bundle comes with a huge new weapon

So far, Modern Warfare 2 has been quite mid-sim orientated. Aside from the weird World Cup collab where Messi, Neymar, and Pogba used their shot accuracy in a new light, most skins so far have been basic ghillies or standard armoured-up operators.

But that's about to change, as one Operator is ditching his headgear for a pair of fox ears, and a tail from the front...

The Red Fox Bundle is set to bring the "Foxy" skin to MW2 for Hutch, and it appears to have quite the hidden weapon bulging out of its pants.

MW2 fans shocked by 'packed' Red Fox bundle 

The Red Fox bundle does come with some pretty cool weapon skins for the Warzone 2 favourite TAQ-V and the Signal 50, but it's the pocket glock that is raising most fans' eyebrows.

Many of the fans mocked Modern Warfare 2's "Endowment" bundle, which was previously released, with this Red Fox bundle now being renamed in the community to the "Well-Endowment" pack.

One joked, "I’m buying this right now for no reason at all," while another added, "It's a reactive skin. The higher your killstreak the, uh, bigger it gets."

A third said, "CoD is meme material at this point." Some fans did get quite concerned with the possible over-sexualisation of the skin, in a game notorious for letting underage players sign up.

But for the most part, this new Operator packing heat actually appears to be quite a fan-favourite, as long as it doesn't get excited by a nuke or another Roze skin...

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