CoD fans go wild for Dr Disrespect Warzone skin: "Better than Activision"

CoD fans go wild for Dr Disrespect Warzone skin: "Better than Activision"
Dr Disrespect

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Jack Marsh


23rd Mar 2023 16:49

Even though Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm’s attention has been firmly rooted in the development of Deadrop, the two-time streamer of the year still dabbles in his Call of Duty roots.

Having once been a developer for Sledgehammer Games' renditions of Call of Duty (creating some of the most iconic maps in Advanced Warfare), and also a designer for Rogue Company where he personified his own studio and garage, Doc has quite an impressive portfolio of characters under his belt. Including himself.

Now he’s modelled himself as a Call of Duty Operator, and the fans are losing their minds.

Dr Disrespect makes his own Call of Duty Operator

The Doc's persona is quite synonymous with the gaming community, and his own characteristics come paired with that blazing red bulletproof vest, wavy black wig, and on-brand headphones.

With Warzone in a steep decline, and Counter-Strike interest seemingly eclipsing it, Doc's now claimed that the only thing that can save the battle royale is, well, himself. Himself in pixellated form.

The character boasts Doc's usual outfit and moustache, and is labelled "the most ruthless competitor".

Call of Duty fans mock Activision over Dr Disrespect's skin

Although Doc's skin is only a concept, fans have been quick to note that this beats anything that Activision has released in Modern Warfare 2 yet. 

"Better than any of the bundles they’ve dropped so far," said popular content creator "DougDagnabbit". 

Others pointed out that Fortnite's Creator bundles ramp up a lot of hype and success and this is yet another area where Warzone has failed to capitalise upon. 

"I don't know why they haven't done like a content creator bundle. Imagine playing in Timthetatman or the 2-time back-to-back Black Steel perfect stash athletic physique Operator Skin..." said another fan.

Some fans also pledged to spend their money on their first microtransaction ever if Doc was added. "I'd buy that and I don't even play CoD, I'd just let it be a collector item," one commenter added.

Yet it seems like we're way off when it comes to Warzone skins, and apart from the recently-added Shredder, Activision isn't doing too much in the way of design at the moment.

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