CoD fans argue over 'pay-to-win' MW3 pre-order blueprint

CoD fans argue over 'pay-to-win' MW3 pre-order blueprint
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Alex Garton


28th Sep 2023 17:00

With Modern Warfare 3 set to arrive on November 10, there's even a beta period taking place in early October to give players a taste of the new title ahead of release.

As expected, Activision is doing everything in its power to encourage the community to pre-order MW3 with countless rewards. While the most exciting of the bunch is definitely Ghost's Zombie skin, there's also the Soul Harvester weapon blueprint.

This is causing some controversy, as the weapon blueprint offers a boost for the ongoing Soul Capture event, leading fans to label it as "pay-to-win."

CoD fans argue Soul Harvester Blueprint is "pay to win"

Taking to Twitter on September 27, popular Call of Duty account CharlieINTEL pointed out, "The Haunting features a new Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition preorder bonus which has an advantage in-game for the event."

This comes in the form of the Soul Harvester Blueprint, which rewards bonus souls for killing agents and monsters. While it doesn't deal any extra damage, players have to collect souls during the event to redeem them for special items. As you would expect, owning this blueprint speeds up the process.

"Spend $100 to earn extra points for a limited time mode, they must be getting desperate," said one user, with another arguing that this is "Pay 2 win, yet again."

It's clear a portion of the community is tired of Activision pushing pre-order purchases so hard when CoD titles have been disappointing at launch in the past. Not only that, providing in-game bonuses for those who are willing to fork out money early feels unfair to a lot of fans.

Other CoD players disagree and argue it's just a time-saver

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Not everyone agrees the Soul Harvester blueprint is pay-to-win, with some arguing that certain players will always find a part of the game to complain about.

"How is this P2W it’s not like you are going to gain extra damage boost against players if only gives you extra souls bruh," said one user, with another claiming, "This ain't P2W it just makes the challenges easier."

Whether this blueprint is pay-to-win or just added convenience has split the fanbase, but one thing is for sure, Activision are doing everything they can to get CoD players to preorder.

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