Coalition Cancels Projects - 'Full Steam Ahead' On Gears 6

Coalition Cancels Projects - 'Full Steam Ahead' On Gears 6

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Lloyd Coombes


3rd Feb 2023 12:13

Gears of War fans had it good for a couple of years before Halo waltzed back into the limelight. Now, the gory and chainsaw-toting franchise could be returning sooner than anticipated.

That’s because developer The Coalition has reportedly cancelled multiple projects and is now solely focused on Gears 6.

Well, that's according to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb. Grubb revealed the news on his Game Mess Mornings show (thanks, VGC).

What's Going On With Gears 6?

Gears of War 6
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The Coalition

During the show, Grubb reported that "They [The Coalition] have cancelled that smaller project, as well as another project, so there have been two games cancelled there.

"This was all reflected in the layoffs that happened at Microsoft, which did hit The Coalition a little bit. The studio is now going to move on fully to Gears 6. I say now, it has likely moved on to Gears 6 in full over the course of the last year, but definitely, that will be their next game."

The Coalition had certainly been busy, assisting on Halo Infinite (which seems in line for a reboot of sorts) and working on a Matrix tech demo for Unreal Engine 5 with Epic Games - the company that previously owned the Gears of War IP before Microsoft purchased it.

We're Long Overdue Gears 6

The last mainline Gears of War game was Gears 5, with the series dropping “of War” from the title when it launched in 2019.

That game also saw a Series X overhaul, which remains one of the most visually impressive games on the system. The team also launched Gears Tactics, a turn-based spin-off that was well-regarded.

We've heard plenty about Gears 6, and yet, we don't seem to be much closer apart from rumoured tidbits. Are you excited for Gears 6? Or would you rather have seen The Coalition tackle something new?

Microsoft recently debunked a rumour that the series would see remasters of the original trilogy, meaning Gears of War: Ultimate Edition remains the best way to get started.

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