Massive Gears Of War Leak Debunked By Xbox

Massive Gears Of War Leak Debunked By Xbox
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25th Jan 2023 12:06

Gears of War is sitting in wait for its next big project, and fans are irritated by the length between games. 

Gears 5 feels like decades ago, and as the announcement of new Netflix projects based on the franchise have come and gone, excitement and content are not on the same level.

Players have been hoping for a return to the golden age of Gears via a remastered trilogy, with expectations it could be a jolt of energy for the stagnant series.

Sadly, it looks like a new reveal from up high might've quashed those hopes.

Is A Gears Of War Remaster Coming?

Though we've heard about some kind of remaster for the first three games in the Gears of War franchise, those long-running rumours have been well and truly obliterated.

GameRant recently reported on a leak of what looked like the logos of the expected Gears of War Ultimate Collection alongside one for Gears 6.

Making things crystal clear, Xbox's Marketing Director was quick to shoot the report down. "Fake news," says Guy Welch in a succinct reply to the article's post on Twitter. Well, that's that, then.

Whether you interpret this as the logos being fake or the games simply not happening is up to you. Either way, it's clear Gears misinformation is officially out and about on the internet.

What Does This Mean For Gears 6?

Though this news might be a bit of a bummer for Gears fans, not all hope is lost - because it's still expected that Xbox Game Studios is still working on the follow-up to Gears 5.

The reference to fake news could merely be addressing the leaked logos themselves, and while not much can be said for the remastered collection of the series' first three games, the IP of Gears is too popular to simply let go of.

Despite recent layoffs at Microsoft, a sixth mainline Gears game is almost definitely on the way. The wait for Gears 6 might be excruciating, but remember, Marcus Fenix probably isn't going anywhere. You'll be revving up your Lancers again soon, soldiers.

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