The organisation Cloud9, previous home of Squishymuffinz, Torment and Gimmick, has dropped its roster and left Rocket League.

21:10, 10 Jun 2020

Cloud9 has officially released its roster ahead of RLCS Season 10, departing from the Rocket League scene. With SquishyMuffinz moving away from the squad to join NRG, as Turbopolsa moves to the bench.

Cloud9 had been a part of RLCS since signing team Iris ahead of RLCS Season 4, with Squishymuffinz, Gimmick and Torment being a consistent roster since the beginning. But after a recent dip in form and many more contributing factors, Cloud9 has released the trio from their organisation and left Rocket League Esports. With many teams across the Epsorts world, Cloud9 will focus their attention elsewhere, such as their newly formed VALORANT team.

What Does This Mean for the Roster?

The longest-serving roster in Rocket League Esports history will be in turmoil. All three players are hot property, with Squishymuffinz moving to NRG gaming to join an all-star roster alongside Jstn and GarrettG. With Turbopolsa being moved to the bench.

The three have been on a roller coaster journey and have stuck together for years, and would likely prefer to stick together, but with time running out until RLCS Season 10, other monster organisations will be waiting in the wings at the chance to swoop up former World Champions.

Why did Cloud9 leave?

Since the crowing of the World Champions in Season 6, the Cloud9 roster has dipped in form, qualifying through the promotion playoffs for last season, and enduring a turbulent RLCS Season9. The trio wasn't capable of maintaining performances at the top spot, and Cloud9 being a huge organisation will need a side competing at the heights of Rocket League, especially as some of their other teams flunking across titles like CS:GO. It seems the RL team were more exposable.

Interestingly, Cloud9 was one of the major organisations not to sign the letter to Psyonix trying to make RLCS exclusive, which could have been a contributing factor the organisations' release, hinting that this may have been in the works for a while now, considering the letter was sent nearly a month ago. 

There remain question marks over the exact reasons Cloud 9 have departed Rocket League Esports, but these remain unanswered.

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Image via Rocket League Website

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