Chinese VALORANT Teams Given First-Ever Chance To Qualify For VCT LAN

Chinese VALORANT Teams Given First-Ever Chance To Qualify For VCT LAN
Riot Games

Written by 

Jack Marsh


10th Jun 2022 16:36

For the first time in VALORANT history, we could have a Chinese organisation competing in a live event, as Riot Games has finally been able to open up a route to the VCT Champions 2022 LAN.

Riot's first title, League of Legends, has been dominated by Korean and Chinese teams since it was launched, however, this has yet to translate to VALORANT.

The region has faced a range of problems with licensing when it comes to VALORANT, leading its player base to be playing the catch-up game. However, they have since grown to compete with the best Asia has to offer, and Riot Games has found a way of including them at this season's grand finale.

Chinese Teams Could Qualify for Champions Through 'Third Party' Tournament

Despite not being an official region within the VCT Circuit, Riot Games will be backing a third-party tournament in the near future which will allow Chinese teams to qualify for the East Asia Last Chance Qualifier.

Two slots will be available in the LCQ, which will see them go up against six more teams for a final slot at Champions. Three rosters from Japan and a further three from Korea, who have yet to qualify for Champions, will join the top-two ranked Chinese squads with a place at the pinnacle of VALORANT esports on the line.

There are a few prominent Chinese organisations in VALORANT so far, such as EDward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix.ZHUQUE (not the roster competing under the FPX banner in EMEA), Weibo Gaming, and KONE - all of who make up the top four rankings, according to VLR.


This move comes just before Riot Games implement a new structure into VALORANT esports, which will see an Asian League be formed with "long-term" partnered organisations. 

Despite no confirmation as to whether China will be integrated into the Asian league, it's certainly an interesting time for the addition of Chinese teams into the official VCT standings to be rolled out.

It's not a certainty that we'll see a Chinese representative for the first time, given Korean VALORANT seems to be growing at an electric pace, but at least they have the chance, and who knows? Miracles can happen.

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