CDL Ruleset Still Undisclosed Despite Kicking Off In Three Days

CDL Ruleset Still Undisclosed Despite Kicking Off In Three Days
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Jack Marsh


18th Jan 2022 17:37

The Call of Duty League is set to put the dire straights of an off-season behind them by putting on a spectacle at the 2022 seasonal curtain-raiser on January 21, as all twelve teams will jostle for early bragging rights at the Kickoff Classic. However, with just four days to go before the first bullets are traded, the CDL has yet to release an actual ruleset, including full confirmation of the third game mode and its map choices.

Unless you've been scanning the scrimmages broadcast by the individual teams on Twitch, the official CDL ruleset is far from communicated, and with just three days until the season starts, fans are non-the-wiser to which maps they will see their adored players take to when they step on stage.

CDL Kickoff Classic Map Pool Undecided Just 72 Hours Before Start

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With the clock ticking before the CDL season rolls out, the third game mode has yet to be confirmed by the official CDL website, lacking transparency for the entire fan base. With Control almost certainly taking the reins alongside Search and Destroy and Hardpoint, only the individual players and their day-to-day fans will know what's to expect come Friday.

Alongside this, the Gentlemens' agreement is being rolled out once again, thanks to an absent ruleset, just like the previous two seasons. Despite being a staple of the scene now, the more absent features only pile the woes on top of each other.

Why Is The CDL So Unprepared?

The Call of Duty League, pioneered by Activision, is considered to be in its most unprepared state ever, going into the opening season. Alongside the evident game modes and rules confusion, the CDL's broadcast talent are also in dispute, with Lottie Van-Praag stepping away from her Host duties and the duo of Clint "Maven" Evans and Joe "Merk" DeLuca being absent from the Kickoff Classic.

The woes could be down to the publishing giants, Activision, being involved in a shock $70 billion acquisition by Microsoft, leaving many people unsurprised by their lacklustre efforts during the pre-season. 

Going into a third and crucial year for the CDL's viewership, Microsoft and the wider fan base will be hoping the problems are ironed out before the season begins.


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