Castlevania revival teased by Dead Cells developer

Castlevania revival teased by Dead Cells developer
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7th Jun 2023 13:24

At this point, who isn't ready to 'sink' their teeth into a new Castlevania game? It's been nearly a decade since Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 stuck a stake in the heart of the franchise, and while we've had the Castlevania Advance Collection in 2021, we're long overdue for a revival.

Up there as one of Konami's big three, Castlevania has been left to rot in the crypt while Silent Hill and Metal Gear have both had a new lease of life breathed into them. We've had our faith in Konami restored recently, but according to the latest hints, it could be handed over to someone else. 

A Castlevania revival could be on the way

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania
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Evil Empire

It wasn't long ago that a Konami trademark hinted at a Castlevania revival, but now, it looks like there's more to the story. Despite Castlevania being left dormant for longer than we'd like, the series returned in some form thanks to the Return to Castlevania expansion from March.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.bizDead Cells developer Evil Empire claimed it was reviving two dormant franchises. Although there's no word on what they are, we're putting our money on one of them being Castlevania. After all, the team already has a history with the IP.

Evil Empire CEO Steve Filby explained, "People actually started asking me directly, saying 'Well, look, you guys are doing all this work on Dead Cells now, you have taken over things and what you're doing is fantastic, why don't you make the next game in X awesome series that you've been playing since you're a child'?

When could we see these mysterious games?

Castlevania Advance Collection
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Filby confirmed, "We ended up signing with two third-party IP holders to make the next instalments in these really massive video game franchises." The first will enter Early Access next year, with the second coming in 2025. Exctiigly, they will be brand-new outings instead of remasters.

"We're not going to make a copy-and-paste of a previous thing," promised Filby. "We really are talking about rebooting or reinventing. The IPs that we're working on have been dormant for quite some time but you can't offer what was previously offered."

Filby concluded that you have to reinvent for modern audiences because "crappy jokes" from the '90s don't work today. Evil Empire is yet to confirm it's working on a Castlevania revival, but with Summer Game Fest just around the corner, we're hoping Count Dracula will unfurl his wings soon.

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