Capcom wants to charge you more for its games

Capcom wants to charge you more for its games
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Joseph Kime


27th Sep 2023 17:05

Capcom has a wealth of bangers to its name. Holding strong onto the Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises, the company has more than enough to keep itself busy. We're pretty lucky that (so far) Capcom hasn't folded to the industry trend of amplifying its game prices.

While Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo crank from $60 to $70 without blinking an eye, Capcom had held strong. Frustratingly, it looks like that could be about to change and might've started hitting us in the pocket. 

Capcom is interested in amplifying its prices

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4.
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No, Capcom, not you too. It looks as though we could be in for yet another expensive lineup from a developer, as the boss of Capcom has expressed interest in joining the pricier titles on the market.

A new report from Nikkei has reports on Haruhiro Tasujimoto speaking during the Tokyo Game Show about the pricing of games in the modern gaming landscape, and he's not ruling out the amplification of Capcom's prices. "Personally, I feel that game prices are too low,” Tsujimoto says, according to the report.

"Development costs are around 100 times higher than they were in the days of the Famicom (NES), but the price of software hasn’t risen so much. There is also a need to raise wages in order to attract talented people."

Tasujimoto concluded, "Given that wages are rising across the industry as a whole, I think the option of raising unit prices is a healthy form of business." That's all well and good, but we'd hope we'd have a little longer of averagely-priced Resident Evil titles before Capcom crumbled.  

Capcom is already raising prices

It seems as though this expected hike is already coming into effect, as evidenced by the iPhone 15 Pro edition of Resident Evil 4. We know we've moving into a new era of mobile gaming that can seemingly handle AAA releases, however, it's set to come in at a pretty savage $60 for RE4 on mobile. 

The news was confirmed by the fact that the game is up for pre-order on the Apple App Store, and it's been a pretty big shock to fans. We're all for taking our games on the movie, but paying $60 for a mobile game is quite the leap. It looks like the inevitable has already started. Brace yourselves.

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