Capcom releases Resident Evil 4 anime to celebrate the remake

Capcom releases Resident Evil 4 anime to celebrate the remake

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Tom Chapman


20th Mar 2023 17:20

If Capcom can do one thing well with adapting Resident Evil, it's making a good animated outing. While the various live-action movies and Netflix's short-lived series haven't exactly been The Last of Us in terms of quality, the animated outings have fared much better.

Now, the shuffling series has moved into a brand-new medium. To celebrate the imminent release of the Resident Evil 4 remake, Capcom has turned the game into an adorable anime.

What is the Resident Evil anime?

The series is called Leon and the Mysterious Village, with the animated short being dubbed "Looking for Ashley." Although the first episode is under a minute long, we've got to say, it's pretty damn cute. 

Like the video game, the former RPD officer is looking for Ashley Graham in rural Spain. The episode ends when the village of Las Plagas-infected Spaniards turn on Leon and hit him in the head with an axe. There's a cute rainbow as Leon's ghost flies off into the unknown.

If this particular style of animation looks familiar, it's because the credits confirm Leon and the Mysterious Village is the work of the Japanese studio, Nippon Animation. Among its many projects, it's remembered for World Masterpiece Theater which adapted existing stories into anime.

Most famously, there was 1975's Dog of Flanders which included the work of Studio Ghibli's Hayao Takahata and Isao Miyazaki. The anime is referenced here and explains the Ghibli-esque style, which has us begging Capcom for a full series.

Resident Evil is getting another animated movie

Following the disappointment of Johannes Roberts' Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and the Netflix series, it looks like we've given up on live-action Resident Evil for a while. Thankfully, another animated movie is on the way.

Serving as a sequel to 2017's Resident Evil: VendettaResident Evil Death Island is set in the same canon as the games and fills in the gaps between Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7. Importantly, it brings back the fan-favourite Jill Valentine.

As for Leon and the Mysterious Village, we're not sure if there will be more episodes or if it's just a fun teaser to bolster RE4 pre-orders before the full game release. Either way, we'd happily watch a whole series of this amazing anime. Think how cute Ramon Salazar would look.

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