Cancelled Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Could Finally See The Light Of Day

Cancelled Kingdom Hearts Animated Series Could Finally See The Light Of Day
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Joseph Kime


30th Sep 2022 13:50

Kingdom Hearts is the kind of series that needs to be witnessed to be believed. The concept of combining the mythos of Final Fantasy with the nearly endless worlds of Disney is so bizarre that nobody would expect it to work (and some would argue that it still doesn't).

Still, Kingdom Hearts has persisted regardless as a huge achievement of gaming. But, it almost didn't end with the video games, as a planned animated series from way back when was sadly canned. Now, it could finally be coming to life.

What Is The Kingdom Hearts Animated Series?

A good twenty years ago, a Kingdom Hearts animated series was produced by Disney. Sadly, it never came out, and has since been resigned to the back room. All of that could be about to change thanks to some loyal staff from back in the day. 

In a tragic turn of events, Executive Producer Seth Kearsley was involved in an almost fatal car crash earlier this year. As a result, he ended up reflecting on his work and claims that the Kingdom Hearts series would be "one of those projects I would have been bummed if no one ever saw it."

Kearsley has been teasing that more details about the show - as well as the pilot - are on the way soon. "Page blew up a little today," Kearsley shared on Twitter. "There are 700 more of you today than yesterday. Working on a video about #KingdomHearts pilot for next week and then we'll see about dropping the pilot the week after." Ooh, it could be happening. Finally.


Can Kearsley Legally Release Kingdom Hearts Footage?

Now that Kearsley is on board for revealing the Kingdom Hearts animated series to the public, the next hurdle to hop is getting around the legality of it all. We know that Disney can be a little trigger-happy when it comes to lawsuits, and there will almost definitely be problems with music licencing and other issues.

All of the above is probably why the show will have to wait until next week... at least before its pilot reveal. Whether it's legal or not, we're hoping that the animated Kingdom Hearts will make it out in some form. A Kingdom Hearts series sounds like a delight, and though we may not get the whole package, the pilot could be the next best thing.