Cancelled Doom 4 trailer is a Call of Duty crossover

Cancelled Doom 4 trailer is a Call of Duty crossover
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Joseph Kime


3rd Mar 2023 11:01

DOOM has had a life cycle like no other. The classic game was a trailblazer that the gaming industry has never seen before, pairing up with its counterpart Wolfenstein to practically invent the FPS genre.

Since then, its transformation has been dramatic, with DOOM 3 making attempts to go spooky with its dark twisting corridors, and when that didn't work, it went quiet.

Like a bolt of lightning, Doom returned in 2016 with a reboot that brought it back to basics - it let players do the only thing they cared about, and brought demon-blasting back to new heights. Even though the series has taken this path, it could have taken a drastically different one.

DOOM 4's trailer is a demon-y Call of Duty game

A new concept trailer for the planned DOOM 4, that was supposed to follow the critically panned DOOM 3, has been unearthed, and it looks… different.

The DOOM 4 concept trailer dates back to 2012 and was discovered by a reader of DSO Gaming. They've dug around in promotional materials for the game that has been gradually leaking since 2015, and the short peek at what lies in store in the game is truly fascinating.

It steers into sheer horror much in the same way that DOOM 3 did, but it puts more of a focus on first-person action that makes it feel more like a Call of Duty and Gears of War hybrid.

The game was going to be set on Earth and was taking a decidedly CoD direction, until suddenly, id Software didn't like the way it was heading. It's hard to express how strange it is to see the DOOM name attached to such a different project, so it has to be seen to be believed.

DOOM was almost a generic FPS

Cancelled Doom 4 trailer is a Call of Duty crossover
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We're incredibly relieved to know that DOOM went the way it did with its 2016 reboot, because let's be honest, the series was almost wasted in becoming just another first-person shooter game.

Some screenshots of the cancelled DOOM 4 that leaked last year showed off a generic soldier character in-game, which implies the protagonist would be a standard man rather than the grunting one-man apocalypse that was Doomguy. Well, that would have sucked.

At this stage, people know what they want when they come to a DOOM game. Safe to say, a Call of Duty crossover certainly isn't it. It's a weird Revolving Doors-esque look into a past that almost came to be - and we don't like it one bit.

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