Call of Duty x Tomb Raider crossover leaks Lara Croft Operator

Call of Duty x Tomb Raider crossover leaks Lara Croft Operator
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Alex Garton


28th Jul 2023 11:00

The Mil-Sim days of Call of Duty appear to be over, and while that's frustrating for a portion of the MW2 and Warzone 2 community, it does mean Activision is always working on the next exciting crossover.

For Season 4 Reloaded, it was The Boys collab, while Season 5 is set to introduce Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and 21 Savage to the battlefield.

However, a line in the PlayStation Blog has revealed that another iconic video game character will be parachuting into battle as an Operator in the near future.

Lara Croft is coming to MW2 & Warzone 2 as Operator

In a surprise announcement from the PlayStation Blog, it's been revealed that Lara Croft will be introduced as an Operator in MW2 and Warzone 2.

The iconic Tomb Raider character is guaranteed to be a popular cosmetic with fans, especially if she comes with a unique finisher and blueprints. At the moment, it's impossible to tell whether Activision is just adding the bundle or whether it's going to be a bigger crossover like The Boys.

An idea put forward by one user in response to CharlieINTEL's tweet was that the devs should add a "grappling hook" Field Upgrade, which would certainly add a lot of outplay potential and generate tonnes of highlight-reel clips.

How much will Lara Croft Operator cost in MW2 and WZ2?

Lara Croft skin
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It is mentioned in the blog that Lara Croft will be coming as a "bundle" in mid-season, so it's likely she'll be added with Season 5 Reloaded.

Just like all the crossover skins, you won't be able to purchase the Operator on its own, which means you'll have to buy the full bundle. This is expected to cost the standard 2,400 CoD points in the store.

With Activision going all out on the crossovers and skins carrying over to MW3, there's going to be a wide variety of iconic faces causing havoc in multiplayer.

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