Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific map delayed by a whole week

Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific map delayed by a whole week
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22nd Nov 2021 11:20

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 1 and the Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific map will be delayed by one week, a Twitter post by the official CoD page has revealed. Because come on, who doesn't love a delay these days?

Despite claims the latest entry in the Call of Duty lineage has fallen short of expectations, the first-person shooter series is doing all in its power to prove it's still at the top of its game. Unfortunately, a delay of the much-hyped Warzone Pacific map won't be the news Activision Blizzard was hoping for.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific Map new release date

The upcoming releases could have been pushed back in the wake of the Activision Blizzard allegations involving CEO Bobby Kotick. Both have now been given a December 8 release date, with Vanguard owners gaining full 24-hour exclusive access to the content before it opens to the world on December 9.

Delays are commonplace in the gaming industry, but it's safe to say that an already disgruntled CoD fan base wasn't very happy. One fan fumed, "Maybe if u guys weren’t busy having a frat culture in the workplace this would of dropped on time," while another added, "I took time off Friday for my bday and this and gave my coworker that following Friday and weekend off. Cheers smh."

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Season 1: What's On The Way?

When Pacific finally arrives, it's due to join Shipment, a fan-favourite map that recently joined Vanguard multiplayer and has been bringing a pleasant nostalgia to players over the last week. 

Confirmed information about Vanguard is at a minimum, but rumours are rife after a picture leaked suggesting the new operators and weapons that would be coming to Season 1.  In the images, two brand-new guns appeared to be held by leaked characters Anna and Lewis - which would likely be the case if they were arriving in the new season.

As for weapons, we're rumoured to be getting the M1944 Hyde Carbine, and an M1944 Carbine - as well as some speculation that the sniper held by Lewis is also a new gun and not an old sniper. The new Call of Duty season is due to launch on the same day as the Halo Infinite campaign, so it'll be interesting to see where players' loyalties lie come December 8. 


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