Call of Duty releases its most pay-to-win bundle yet

Call of Duty releases its most pay-to-win bundle yet
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Jack Marsh


9th May 2023 11:55

Following a string of heavily-criticised Modern Warfare 2 Operator skins hitting the store, Call of Duty has now released its most pay-to-win bundle yet. It's tailored for the popular DMZ mode and is splitting the fan base apart. 

The Call of Duty developers have made quite a habit of releasing pay-to-win bundles recently, and actual items that give players paid advantages. It's not just wacky Roze skins that are dubbed with the pay-to-win tag because they are dark.

Specifically aimed at the extraction game mode MW2 DMZ, the pay-to-win skins have become increasingly worrying, and now, they're set to release the most fearful bundle yet...

Call of Duty launch its biggest pay-to-win bundle yet

Coming in the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded update will be a Roze and Thorn bundle. While the usually shadow-like Operator won't be blossoming in the deep dark depths of Al Mazrah, it does pack quite a prick.

The Thorns Out operator is likely to sting in DMZ, as it comes with four pay-to-win element - including a free UAV for every game.

Although the rest of the pay-to-win elements have not yet been showcased, it also contains two blueprints which will give players an advantage over standard weapons and an extra Operator slot. 

MW2 DMZ fans hate the new pay-to-win bundle

With it being launched on May 10, players have quickly realised that this pay-to-win DMZ bundle is the most severe yet, and should it be copped by a whole team. Three UAVs is enough to completely overpower a free-to-play team, which has been heavily criticised.

"What's more concerning is they probably won't backtrack on this even if it's broken because people have PAID for it. We're just going to have to see how broken it is," said one fan on Twitter. "They haven't even addressed six-man premade teams. Can't wait for 6 UAVs in a row on Ashika," they added.

Roze has constantly been a thorn in the side of free-to-play Warzone and DMZ fans, so given that she's back up to her usual tricks, it's not going down well...

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