Call of Duty community slams ‘pay-to-win’ DMZ Operator skins

Call of Duty community slams ‘pay-to-win’ DMZ Operator skins
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Alex Garton


13th Apr 2023 13:18

It's all guns blazing, as Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 has finally arrived. While the community is enjoying the FJX Imperium sniper, Cronen Squall battle rifle, and brand-new MW2 maps, some additions are causing a lot of frustration.

Some are the Operator bundles that are accused of coming with "pay-to-win" bonuses for the DMZ game mode. Instead of having to earn the upgrades the standard way, players can purchase these premium cosmetics, which come equipped with extra armour plates, a UAV, and even a self-revive kit.

DMZ players call out 'shameless' Operator skins

Warzone 2 sniper
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With the recent patch, Operator skins have been released into the game files and store, offering bonus effects for players with them equipped in DMZ.

You can check out the full list of these items below with their bonus effects:

  • EOD Specialist (Operator Skin) - Medium Backpack
  • Sinister (Operator Skin) - Self-Revive Kit
  • Boom Proof (Blueprint) - 15-minute Insured Weapon Cooldown
  • Thorns Out (Operator Skin) - UAV
  • Classic Ghost (Operator Skin) - 2-Plate Armour Vest

These cosmetics with added upgrades have sparked outrage from the community, which has labelled them as "pay-to-win" and "shameless" in a recent Reddit thread created by u/TheRealPdGaming.

"Well boys, It was fun while it lasted, Activision basically surpasses EA now with shameless money grabbing… P2W makes this game even more meaningless," said one user on Reddit.

Another even claims the devs are "trying their best to turn this into a mobile game" with the sheer amount of microtransactions being added to the title.

Which DMZ Operator skins have been released so far?


So far, the only bundle with DMZ bonuses that's been officially released into the store is the Bomb Squad bundle.

This includes the EOD Specialist Operator skin (Medium Backpack) and the Boom Proof LMG Blueprint (15-minute Insured Weapon Cooldown).

The rest of the skins showcased above have been uncovered from the game files and are likely to release throughout Season 3.

However, with these "pay-to-win" cosmetics receiving so much backlash, it'll be interesting to see whether Raven makes the decision to remove them from the content schedule, but only time will tell.

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